Doctor Who’s David Tennant spent time with MPs for ‘The Politician’s Husband’

by Lisa McGarry

david tennant

David Tennant has revealed that he got to hang out with real life MPS, when he was preparing for his role in a new BBC drama.

The Doctor Who star wanted to know what it felt like to be a politician, so spent time with some chaps who often tread the old corridors of the House Of Commons, unfortunately he wasn’t revealing any names in his latest interview.

The actor will take on the lead role in BBC Two’s political drama ‘The Politician’s Husband’, which centres around a marriage between two politicians, and what happens when the wife’s career starts to overshadow her husband’s.

Tennant told the Radio Times:

“They all got a bit fidgety. I’m not allowed to say who they were. One used to be a big hitter and isn’t any more. They’re a bit bitter.”

david tennant

David revealed that he wanted to take part in the series from the moment he read the amazing script and said he knew instantly at that point that he wanted t be involved.

He said: “I was immediately pulled in, on two levels – literally, the what-happens-next could take your breath away.


“And it was all happening in a world with all these brilliantly drawn, proper characters. Usually, it’s one or the other or, worst of all, neither.”

The drama will run for eight weeks, which Tennant thinks is great for fans, but possibly bad for the movie industry. He thinks film makers are losing out to well made TV show currently and continued:

“Eight weeks – that’s something that people lick their chops for now. They want to get involved in characters.

“They don’t think, ‘Eight weeks, I can’t stick with that’. In movie-making, mid-range indie films are a bit lost now. TV is doing what they used to do – that character investigative stuff. It’s great news for TV.”

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