Doctor Who’s Matt Smith reveals why he based his doctor on Blackadder, Frank Spencer and Inspector Clouseau

by Lisa McGarry

matt smith jenna louise coleman Doctor Who: The Great Detective 1

Matt Smith has revealed the inspiration behind his incarnation of the world’s most famous Timelord.

The 30 year old actor was announced as the eleventh incarnation of the Doctor in January 2009 and is the youngest person to play the character in the hit TV series.

He now has two and a half series’ under his belt and the festive Christmas Special will hit our screens in exactly one week’s time.

Speaking on British TV show This Morning he explained how he approached the role when he first landed it three years ago and confirmed that the reports are true and yes, he did base his portrayal of the character on Blackadder, Frank Spencer and Inspector Clouseau.

Smith said:

matt smith jenna louise coleman Doctor Who: The Great Detective

“I got the job in 2009 and I got it in the November but I wasn’t shooting until the following June, so I had this huge period of time. I looked a lot at Einstein and I wrote a lot of short stories about The Doctor, because I needed to connect with it somehow and then I just watched loads of The Pink Panther, loads of Frank Spencer and all of Black Adder.”

On what aspects of the shows, actors and characters he focussed on for inspiration, Matt added:

“If you look at them all comically and comedically they are all quite different but they are all brilliant.”


“If you look at Sellers [who played Clouseau] he never really apologises for the gag that he’s made. Frank Spencer physically, Michael Crawford is a brilliant comic physically and then if you look at Black Adder, the sort of dry sardonic wit.”

He continued:

“I don’t think you do it consciously, those were just things I was interested in and the shows and the actors I was intrigued by comically, so I looked at them. I always thought it could be quite a physical role comically and they are all great physically.”

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