Doctor Who’s Matt Smith says Karen Gillan groped him in a Tardis!

It sounds like it wasn’t all tears on the set of Doctor Who when Karen Gillan filmed her final scenes as Amy Pond, as according to the Sun newspaper, the feisty red-head managed to sneak in a groping session with her Time Lord co-star.

According to the publication, Gillan got Matt Smith inside a Tardis and pinched his bum while the cameras weren’t looking!

The reports come from Doctor Who co-star, and Amy’s on-screen husband, Arthur Darvill (who is also leaving his role of Rory), who revealed: “The last scene we shot was inside the Tardis with all three of us.

“We were then in darkness and we had a big group hug.”

This was confirmed by Matt Smith himself who said “We had a hug and Karen fondled me. I called her Fondling Bottom Gillan.”

Darvil continued: “All those feelings kept inside for so long just suddenly came out.”

However it wasn’t all fun and games, as the trio said their goodbyes through gritted teeth.  Karen said:“I was in bits. I didn’t want to go. There were tears, a lot of tears. But it is the best exit ever.”

Matt said: “I miss the guys but all good things must come to an end. But they go out with a bang and a tear.”

And it wasn’t just fellow cast mates that shed a few tears over the married couples departure, as they explained the response that they had received from fans of the hit BBC family sci-fi show.

Karen added: “It has been really nice, actually. It is lovely we have such a great following.”

Arthur added: “It is insanity to see so many people wandering around in Doctor Who costumes.”

Watch an interview with Darvill and Gillan on their departures in the clip below: