Don’t Scare The Hare coming to BBC One

Hosted by Jason Bradbury, Don’t Scare The Hare is an innovative new family game-show packed with humour, jeopardy and a 4ft animatronic, robot Hare – fun and games that will have the whole family gathered around the television and laughing out loud.

In Don’t Scare The Hare two teams of visitors are invited down to the Hare’s extraordinary underground forest to take part in a series of physical and mental challenges. And if they’re successful, they could be leaving this weird and wonderful world with a fantastic stash of cash, as long as they remember one crucial rule – ‘Don’t Scare The Hare’.

In other words the two teams must avoid scaring the cautious yet inquisitive Hare as they compete across several rounds of entertaining, large scale challenges and games, each one full of traps and pitfalls specifically designed to give the Hare a fright.

Games like ‘Alarm-a-geddon’, a fast and furious challenge in which contestants attempt to turn off massive alarm clocks before they go off, shocking the Hare out of his restful slumber.

Or games like ‘Party Poppers,’ a tense and dramatic challenge in which contestants must deliver a large helium balloon to a birthday party without it popping and scaring the Hare – which would be easy if the balloon didn’t have to be taken through a very spiky thicket of thorn bushes.

£15,000 is at stake in the show’s dramatic finale and with Hare having an unpredictable personality things are not going to be easy for the teams.

Jason Bradbury said: “It may be about a robotic hare, but actually this show is a return to traditional Saturday night entertainment values – where every member of the family can root for the winners and fall in love with my big-eared co-host. I’m in telly because, at its best, it is innovative and creative – ‘Don’t Scare The Hare’ ticks both of these boxes – and then goes on to tick two more: ‘completely’ and ‘bananas’.”