Downton Abbey: Charles Edwards says of Michael Gregson, “He’s uncomfortable at Downton but he must ingratiate himself with Lady Edith’s father!” (INTERVIEW) *Spoilers*

by Lynn Connolly

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From the series three Christmas episode of Downton Abbey, two things became clear; that is that Michael Gregson loves Lady Edith, and Lady Edith – who’s played by Laura Carmichael – loves him back.

But there’s a problem, as Charles Edwards, who plays Michael, explains…

Charles began by revealing of his character Michael, “He needs to get a divorce from his mentally unstable wife before they [Michael and Edith] can marry…

“So he begins this series by trying to take the necessary steps. He’s determined to make this work with Edith.”

In the new series, Edith is set to become more involved in Gregson’s London life, and Gregson, in turn, will visit Downton, but that’s something he won’t find easy going.

Charles said, “He’s trying to involve Edith very much in his London life and give her some inspiration.

“She’s really enjoying London and Edith gets a chance to free herself up a bit in terms of her social restrictions and her clothes…

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“He has parties at his flat and she meets all kinds of literary figures like Virginia Woolf and artists like Roger Fry. Gregson’s quite big in the literary set.”

But of Michael’s visits to stuffy Downton, Charles said, “He feels uncomfortable when he goes to Downton, but he knows that it’s necessary in order to ingratiate himself with Edith’s father.

“He doesn’t dislike [[Lord Grantham] but he finds everything at Downton to be very ‘stiff’.

“The London scene is very liberal compared to the restrictions of somewhere like Downton, so he’s neither in favour of what the Crawleys represent, but neither does he rebel against it.

“His attitude would be to try to swing open the curtains and let the daylight in, so to speak.”

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But of course, Michael can never marry Edith without her father Robert’s approval, so he hatches a plan…

Charles explained, “It’s a cunning ruse indeed…

“He’s at a house party, and it comes to him that this would be a brilliant way to win Robert’s approval.

“I won’t say how, but his manoeuvrings suggest that he has a chequered past, and he employs one of his dubious talents to win Robert’s favour.”

We will of course find out what Michael plans when the new series begins soon on ITV, but for now, here’s a look at the show’s trailer…

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