Downton Abbey: Creator Julian Fellowes says he would be surprised if a fourth series was not commissioned!

by Anna Howell

The genius creator behind Downton Abbey, Julian Fellowes, has added to the speculation that there will be a fourth series of the phenomenal ITV period drama, by admitting that he would be surprised if another series wasn’t commissioned, so the Telegraph newspaper reports.

Fellowes, who has also recently admitted that if a fourth series were made he would consider introducing ethnic characters, has always been quite vocal about the fact that he would like a fourth series, despite ITV’s apparent reluctance to officially give it the go ahead.

Fans of the hugely, and internationally successful drama will still be in mourning after the end of the third series on Sunday night, during which Thomas (Rob James Collier) was shown mercy by Bates (Brendan Coyle) which resulted in him being kept on at the great house. It has been widely rumoured and reported that a further two series, and a prequel, have been proposed by Fellowes, but that, as yet, ITV have not confirmed them.

Despite this worrying fact, Fellowes is hopeful that they will be given the green light so he can get to work on series four, which, it seems, he already has a planned storyline for.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Fellowes said: “I would hope [there will be more] because of the response to this series, but you know [ITV] are always pretty close to their chest in terms of an actual commission.

“But I think I’d be surprised if there was not a fourth series. We knew who they all were [by series two]. And now we are really involved with them and that takes you forward another step.

With regards to the last series, he revealed: “I am pleased with this [third] series. I thought it worked well.

“It seems to me that the actors have made a very good job of it and the audience response has been great and they kept watching.”

He wouldn’t be the only one surprised if a fourth series was turned down, as the show, which has captured an American audience almost as big as it’s British fan base, drew in a massive 10.7m viewers for its series finale on Sunday night, beating the BBC’s broadcast schedule that evening and even beating the X Factor, which was, up until then, considered ITV’s biggest audience grabber, ratings for the weekend.

Downton Abbey returns on Christmas day for an out of series special on ITV1/ITV1 HD.

Watch Julian accepting his Emmy for Downton Abbey in the clip below: