WWE’s Hulk Hogan wants to join Downton Abbey and discusses spat with The Ultimate Warrior!

hulk hogan 1

hulk hogan 1

Now there are career changes, and then there are complete career transformations – And WWE star Hulk Hogan is hoping to do the latter!

Hogan is known by just about everyone with a television having been a pinnacle part of the multi-billion dollar World Wrestling Entertainment federation, right in the centre of all the action since it began.

However, as the years have gone the star has explored more of his options, including reality TV but now he would like a more serious part – in Downton Abbey no less!

According to the star he is very keen to star in the hugely popular ITV period drama, and has even been practicing his British accent in hope that producers will notice him.

Hogan and WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon joined the Daily Mirror for an interview, in which the wrestler addressed some of the infamous stories surrounding his career, including his spat with fallen star The Ultimate Warrior, which Hulk had managed to put things right with before he died, on which he commented:

“There was some stuff between me and The warrior that wasn’t subtle.”

hulk hogan ultimate warrior

“And there was a situation when I happened to be going through an interview and I was in a golf cart and I happened to ride by him.

“So I said ‘stop, stop stop and I had the opportunity to go up to him and say ‘hey brother, I love you and whatever I did to put your a*** on the fire and the part I played in this craziness between us, I just want to apologise and let you know if we can be friends, great, I just want to let you know that I love you and please forgive me.’

“And it was just that quick, that moment, I was there with Pat Patterson and we laughed for a minute and took a picture.

“It was a brief encounter but I am so glad that I happened to bump into him because I had been specifically trying not to run into him because I didn’t want to mess things up for him.”

Also in the chat the wrestling superstar touched on Smackdown, the WWE World title and the impact Daniel Bryan’s neck injury has had on it, as well as his admiration for the legend that is Jon Cena.

Would you like to see Hulk Hogan on Downton Abbey? What part do you think he would be best suited to play? Leave your thoughts and comments below!