Downton Abbey: Julian Fellowes “couldn’t answer” if he would leave show for The Gilded Age!


The creative genius behind Downton Abbey, Julian Fellowes, has admitted that he couldn’t chose between it and his new US period drama, The Gilded Age, if he had to.

Ever since it was revealed in February this year that Fellowes, who has penned all four series of the hit ITV period drama so far, had embarked on a similar structured pilot show for the US, he would quit the UK should the two drama’s clash filming schedules.

Julian Fellowes has been the creative force behind Downton Abbey, the phenomenon ITV period drama, since it began back in 2010, and has a cabinet of awards, including a few Emmy’s, to prove how successful his skills have proven on it.

However, in an interview with The New York Times earlier this year Fellowes admitted that his commitments to his new project, the US pilot of The Gilded Age, may mean that he does not have the time to pen anymore antics for the Grantham family!

He said at the time:

“If I’m doing a series at NBC, I would not be able to write all of Downton and all of that series at the same time. I would hope that by the time all the hurdles have been cleared, the timing makes it so I can then concentrate on the new series.

“If Downton goes on – of course, that’s not my decision – then it would be with other writers. Perhaps with me supervising, but with other writers.

“There’s no point, really, in making pronouncements of absolutes. The only thing is, I know I would not be able to write 11 hours of Downton and 10 hours of The Gilded Age, or whatever it is, side by side.”


This sent fans all over the world into universal panic, so perhaps today’s news is a little bit more positive as he has now revealed that without an end date for Downton, he has no clue as to whether the two will clash.

The writer explained to Deadline, when asked if he would leave Downton over a schedule clash:

“I would answer that if I could. I simply don’t know. Because we don’t have an end date. The newspapers keep saying we do, but we don’t.

“We’re always reading in the papers when [Downton Abbey is] ending, but we don’t know when it’s ending ourselves so how can some journalist know? I think it’s still got some legs to it.”


“The question is how long will they wait for Gilded Age, and when will Downton finish up, and we just don’t know those answers right now.”

When quizzed over which show he would chose, if it came to it, he tactfully replied:

“Oh, I couldn’t answer that.
Downton Abbey is currently filming its fourth series, watch an interview with Fellowes in the clip below: