Downton Abbey Series 4: Game Of Thrones star Charles Dance rules out a cameo because he wasn’t cast in first place!

It would seem that whilst most of the planet has fallen head-over-heels in love the epic ITV period drama, Downton Abbey, there is one British thespian who wouldn’t agree, Game Of Thrones star, Charles Dance!

Dance, who has also starred in the Jewel In The Crown, has revealed that he was left so disappointed after being left out of the casting directors mind when it came to Downton, that he wouldn’t star in it now even if they did ask (which, incidentally, they have not).

According to today’s Sun newspaper Dance believes he should have been a front runner for a part when the show was created as he had stared in Gosford Park, which was also written by Julian Fellowes and which Dance believes was the inspirational birth of Downton.

Speaking to the publication, Dance explained:

“If I’d been asked to do it I probably would have done it, but I wasn’t. I did Gosford Park, which was I think the germ from which Downton Abbey grew, and that was written by Julian.

“Of course, it’s enjoying enormous success and it’s got a big fanbase – if I was asked to do something in it now it would probably just be to guest in it, and now I wouldn’t want to do that.”

Dance, who plays Lord Lannister in the hugely popular HBO fantasy series, Game Of Thrones, then went on to say how he believes that the current quality of drama produced for British television is lacking in effort!

He said: “I have to be careful because I tend to get up on a soapbox a bit about this.

“But, especially, the BBC seems to be putting more time and energy into real estate at the moment and junk reality television and stuff.

“We are capable of doing it, we have a lot of very, very skilled people here, but you get what you pay for.

“I think if you make something of real quality people will buy it, and it has a life span, rather than reality television shows that comes and go really quickly.”

Watch an interview with Charles in the clip below: