Downton Abbey Series 4: Scripts for new series are “best yet” according to Joanne Froggatt (Anna Bates)!

by Anna Howell

Joanne Froggatt has revealed that the scripts the cast of Downton Abbey have just received for Series 4 are the best the show has ever had!

Joanne, whose character Anna Bates campaigned tirelessly to clear her husband, Valet John Bates’ (Brendan Coyle) name following his wrongful conviction of the murder of his ex-wife, Vera throughout the last series, has also revealed that playing out this storyline, which saw Bates freed eventually, helped her gain a real sense of achievement, both personally and for her character.

The star chatted with fans online about the shows future, and what impact her characters plight had on her:

“Those scenes certainly were very emotional and took real concentration,
“I always feel huge pressure to hit the right tone with scenes like that but I think it all adds to the performance in the end. If you feel like you have given it your all, you feel do a sense of achievement afterwards and hope that, that comes across on screen.”

Fans of the show were delighted for the couple, who could finally marry after Bates first wife died, were reunited, and Froggatt has hinted that things are going to be happier for them in series 4:

“You certainly see Anna and Bates in times of happiness, which I think was well needed,”

“I’m afraid I can’t say much but I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. As an actress you always want to play the drama.”

“We have just had the read through for Series 4 today and I am thrilled with the whole thing, including Anna and Bates’ story,
“ I obviously can’t say more than that but I think it may be the best yet and there are certainly aspects of Anna’s character that have never been seen before … I think these scripts are the best yet. [Creator Julian Fellowes] has done such an incredible job. ”

Another relationship close to Froggatt’s heart is that between her character and her mistress, Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) of which Froggatt commented:

“I love the relationship between Mary and Anna. I love the faith they have in each other and the care. Even though they are in a master servant relationship they are just two young women finding their way through the trials and tribulations of life,”

As for series four, she only gave one snippet of info:

“I get a slightly new hairstyle, very exciting!”

Watch an interview with Joanne Froggatt in the clip below: