Downton Abbey Series 5: New pictures showing Tom Branson, Thomas Barrow, Lord Grantham & Lady Mary – In a graveyard!

by Anna Howell
Downton Abbey Christmas Special 2013

Downton Abbey Christmas Special 2013

We couldn’t be more excited if we tried – The fifth series of Downton Abbey has begun filming!

At least we can rely on one British television institute to work like clockwork when it comes to the production of each new series, and yet again Downton Abbey has not let us down.

After last autumns emotionally charged series of the hit ITV period drama, which saw Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) getting over her grief following the death of Matthew and Lady Rose (Lily James) being presented to the King, this year’s fifth series is bound to be something to write home about.

And now that filming has begun the Daily Mirror newspaper has released the first pictures of some of the cast on set.

Alarmingly the pictures published appear to be in what looks like a graveyard, but don’t worry too much as given the strict social etiquette and standards that all in the great estate possess, we think we have ruled out three very formal occasions for this choice of location.

As none of the characters pictured are wearing black or overly formal attire, we can only assume that there reasons for being at the church is not to bury anyone, christen anyone or witness anyone getting married, so we are lead to believe that this is more of a Sunday service type of affair.

In the picture we can see Tom Branson (Allen leech) looking very dapper in a beige overcoat and dark brown leather gloves and over-riding boots, walking alongside Thomas Barrow (Rob James Collier) who is dressed in his usual valet uniform.

In another picture Branson can be seen holding what looks like some official papers in his hand, though what papers they could possibly be to take to church we can only speculate…

In another picture we can see Lady Mary who is dressed in purple, a step up from her almost entirely black mourning costumes of last series. She is pictured alone in one, and with Tom in another but in both she looks very happy (though these pictures may have been taken off-set as Rob James Collier is pictured swigging out of a water bottle in one too, and we don’t think Volvic was around back then!)

Lord Grantham (Hugh Bonneville) is also pictured in two pictures, one with his dog Isis (who Bonneville has previously claimed is the biggest diva on set) and another talking to a lady wearing a quilted jacket and stonewash jeans – Again, we don’t think the times have moved forward this far since series four so we are assuming this is not part of the story either.

The pictures show the trio of Grantham’s and the valet moving out of the graveyard and into the street, with no sign of any other members of cast.

So we put our thinking caps on to try and figure out precisely what they could be up to.

Our best thought (well most hopeful one at any rate) is that Lord Grantham is escorting Tom and Mary to the church armed with their marriage license to present to the powers that be to arrange their wedding?

Not likely, we know, what is probably more likely is that their presence, and that of the papers, is something about planning permission as the family does seem to own half the village – But we can but hope!

To see the pictures for yourselves click here!

Downton Abbey is due to return with its fifth series later this autumn – Watch a clip of series 4 below: