Downton Abbey Series 5 Spoilers: Allen Leech ‘dragon man’ & producer teases future!

by Anna Howell


With the new series of Downton Abbey due to hit our screens in a few months’ time, one of the main topics of conversations have been the future of the show, and how many more series of it we have to look forward to.

Bosses have previously hinted that be that the period drama could have as many as five more years on its shelf life, while others speculate that series 5 will be the last.

So, how long will it continue?

Unreality TV were lucky enough to attend the episode one premier last week which was followed by a Q&A session with a panel of cast and crew, where show producer Gareth Neame was asked that very question, to which he replied:

“We think that series five is really fantastic, we have been really focussed on this and we hope to be back next year.

“We think one year to the next and we will see.”

To what extent the future is in the hands of the audience and their reactions to it, Neame continued:

“I think we have to make that judgement, that’s all of us – The producers, the cast, we are all in this together.”

Downton Abbey Christmas Special 2013

“The strange effect of this show which is about a family, a soap if you will, this community of characters is that the more you get to know them, and the longer the journey you go on with all of them, I find somehow makes us more compelled by them.

“I don’t ever get bored of any of them, or feel that their stories have been told, I just feel more and more like I am living my life with them.”

This year we have a new generation of the Grantham family as the two young children of the estate, little Sybbie and George, have been recast with new child actors in a bid to bring them in to the story more.

downton abbey series 5 tom and sybbie

And it would seem that, between takes, the role of guardian for these two young stars has been assigned to Allen Leech, who plays Sybbie’s dad Tom Branson in the show, and from the sounds of it he is having just as much amusing them as they are, as he explained:

“They were great [to work with] – I have become known as the whisper, the dragon man and the fire starter.

“A game I invented to keep them occupied and reward them when they were really good was to go in search of the dragons.  There are many effigies of dragons around the castle, and if we were really good we might be able to see them move before they freeze, because obviously they are scared of humans – Amazingly we haven’t seen one move yet.”

Master George Crawley

Master George Crawley

“All of the fires we have on the show are controlled by our special effects team and the children liked to see the magic man, as I am known, see the flames rise really high, then really low by waving my hands.

“So basically I have turned them in to fantasy loving pyromaniacs”

Downton Abbey is due to return to our ITV screens this autumn – Keep an eye out for more interviews from the cast, and crew, in the lead up, here at Unreality TV!