Downton Abbey: Series finale teasers!

by Anna Howell

With the series finale of Downton Abbey fast approaching tonight, Digital Spy have released a series of teasers to have you guessing what may be in store!

So far, series seven of Downton Abbey has been an emotional roller-coaster with the imprisonment of Bates and the sudden death of Lady Sybil, but from the look of these pictures, and the teasers released by Digital Spy, it would seem that the ride isn’t over just yet!

In tonight’s episode Upstairs and Down come together for a cricket match, where Thomas finds himself in a very difficult situation, and Violet has a house guest.

And Digital Spy, who have watched the episode, released these ten teasers, so have a red and see what you think might happen….

1. Thomas is in a very serious situation indeed… but he’ll get some help from a very unlikely ally (who may then come to regret offering their support).

2. Lady Edith discovers something concerning about her editor.

3. What’s Matthew talking about when he says: “It’s like the Outer Circle from Dante’s Inferno”?

4. Ethel doesn’t really want to leave Isobel – despite Violet’s best efforts. Can anything – or anyone – change her mind?

5. “So now we can start ****** ******.”

6. O’Brien is in proper evil mode, but three little words are going to absolutely terrify her.

7. Tom makes a decision about baby Sybil’s future.

8. Lady Mary is keeping a secret… from Matthew.

9. Robert is still furious about Tom and Matthew’s plans for the estate. In fact, he has other ideas – involving some investor guy called Charles Ponzi.

10. Alfred does something drastic to “stand up against evil”, which could get someone else in serious trouble.

We think the secret that Lady Mary is keeping may be that she is pregnant, and from the pictures released, the decision about little Sybil may be that Tom will leave her at Downton with her grandparents when he leaves for Liverpool, but as for the rest, we are intrigued!  What do you think?  Leave your thoughts and comments below:

Downton Abbey concludes tonight at 9pm on ITV1/ITV1 HD.

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  1. maureen jeive on November 5, 2012 at 10:50 am

    “big girls blouse” “catch-up” in the 1920’s, I don’t think so. Whoever does the continuity on this programme need sacking, they are hopeless, there have been many more errors of this nature but last night it was worse than ever. Pull yourself together and do the job properly, I am sure there are many people who could do the job better.

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