Dr Christian piles on the pounds for Embarrassing Fat Bodies tonight – Channel 4

Embarrassing Fat Bodies

In the Layers of Fat feature, the Embarrassing Bodies team lift the underbelly on fat.

Dr Christian meets a woman whose excessive eating has left her hauling around a massive growth on her leg which weighs the same as a small child. She’s now so dangerously obese that she’s running out of options to save her life.

Dr Dawn meets a man who despite losing half of his body weight, is so laden with surplus skin that it slaps against his body when he’s working out at the gym. And Dr Pixie helps a woman who wheels round her kitchen on an office chair because her joints and circulation cannot take her 33 stone weight.

Embarrassing Fat Bodies 1

There’s more to reveal than just tight fitting shorts when Dr Christian piles on three stone, with the help of a ‘fat suit’, and undergoes a series of intense experiments that push his puffed-up body to the limit.

Embarrassing Fat Bodies 2

Meanwhile, Dr Dawn and Dr Pixie are in Glasgow, one of the fattest cities in the world, with the pumped-up portable pod ready to tackle the obesity epidemic head on and kick off our campaign to get the nation up off their bottoms. And Dr Dawn and volunteer Karen check in at Coventry’s University Hospital’s Flab Lab to be locked away for a 24 hour groundbreaking experiment where every bodily function – from poo to pee, eating to sweating – is monitored to find out how fat works and what it does to us.

Embarrassing Fat Bodies tonight, Channel 4 8.30pm.

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