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Sherlock: Martin Freeman admits scheduling 4th series is “hard” as plans to start soon are scrapped!


Oh dear, this is not the news we were hoping for – Plans to start work on the fourth series of Sherlock soon have been scrapped!

When the third series of the hugely popular BBC detective series came to an end earlier this year, everyone started screaming for a 4th series release date.
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Sherlock: Could Time’s readers’ 6th most influential star, Benedict Cumberbatch, be heading for James Bond role?

benedict cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch, the actor recently named Times reader’s 6th most influential star, is reportedly being lined up to play star in James Bond!

Throughout the history of this country, every little boy dreamed about being James Bond, whether they had aspirations to be an actor or not!
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The Musketeers gets premiere date for BBC Canada & Showcase US SPOILERS

The Musketeers actors

Based on the characters of French writer Alexandre Dumas, the swashbuckling adventure series The Musketeers makes its North American premiere this month. Packed with wit, action, romance and daring thrills, The Musketeers premieres Sunday, April 20 at 9pm ET/PT on BBC CANADA and Sunday, April 27 at 10pm ET/PT on Showcase.

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Sherlock fans send Mark Gatiss ‘filthy fan-fics’ every day & Tom Hiddleston as third Sherlock brother?

Mark Gatiss Sherlock panel

Mark Gatiss has admitted that he is well aware of the fan-fic culture that has struck up around his hit show Sherlock.

The fan written stories and original pictures often centre around central characters Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson and at a recent Q&A event Caitlin Moran brought a blush to actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman’s cheeks when she made them read a very awkward scene of fan fiction, which contained some hot and heavy sexual references.

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The Bletchley Circle AXED – By EMAIL!!!!!!

The Bletchley Circle cast

The scripts for the new series may have already been written, but ITV have decided to axe its code-breaking drama The Bletchley Circle, and in the most awful of ways!

Now we all know there are certain rules when it comes to dumping someone, and by email is definitely at the top of ways not to do it!
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ITV confirm premiere dates for Vera series 4 & Prey with John Simm


ITV has a bumper lineup of drama series coming later this month and bosses have confirmed the premiere dates of two of their most anticipated shows.

The fourth series of Vera, with Brenda Blethyn, will debut on our screens on Sunday April 27th at 8pm.

The show has been a ratings winner for ITV to date and this year Chief Inspector Vera Stanhope will be back and trying to crack some of her hardest cases yet.

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UKTV UK sets date for Almost Human – BBC confirms Happy Valley premiere


A little bit of TV news for you this morning Unreality TV readers!

UKTV have revealed that they will be airing the new US series Almost Human on Tuesday May 6th at 9pm, so all you sci-fi fans should set your Sky+, set top box or TiVo to record now.

The series originally aired in America on Fox and the pilot launched stateside in November 2013.

The show centres around the LAPD in the future and the premise is that in 2048, after crime spiralled by over 400%, each human police officer is paired with a lifelike combat-model android.

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Undeniable Episode Two: Christine Bottomely shines in a somewhat satisfying conclusion (Spoilers)

Christine Bottomely Peter Firth

In my review of the first part of Undeniable I praised the storytelling ability of Chris Lang for hooking me into the drama despite its clunky dialogue and unrealistic characters. But I did feel that the success of the two-parter would rely on how satisfactory the conclusion was. As we learnt last week, respected surgeon Andrew Rawlins was cleared of being the man who murdered Jane Philips’ mother all those years ago. His blood test revealed that the splatters found on her mother’s clothes didn’t belong to him and therefore he was cleared of all wrongdoing. But, as you would expect, Jane isn’t exactly going down without a fight.

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Game of Thrones- The Lion and The Rose review: Jack Gleeson shines in this action-packed instalment (Spoilers)

Jack Gleeson

Game of Thrones is a programme that is constantly built around war with different armies constantly trying to kill one another. Although every battleground in Westeros is dangerous, the most deadly event in the land is definitely a wedding. Last year’s Red Wedding perfectly demonstrated how a joyous ceremony could turn deadly at the drop of a hat as it resulted in the death of two of the show’s original characters. But, before the killing began, the Red Wedding was at least a riotous affair filled with much drinking and celebration. That’s not the case with the Purple Wedding in which bridegroom King Joffrey gradually created a hostile audience who all found him utterly despicable. Obviously if you haven’t watched tonight’s episode yet I feel it’s best if you don’t read on as major spoilers are afoot.

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Sherlock: Benedict Cumberbatch rules out Star Wars VII … AND Doctor Who!

benedict cumberbatch

To say Benedict Cumberbatch is hot property at the moment would be a bit like describing the second world war as a bit of bickering, but there are two projects that the extremely popular actor has ruled out!

Ever since taking on the lead role of the global phenomenon that is Sherlock, the Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat modern-day twist on the classic works of Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle, Cumberbatch has been in high demand.
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The Crimson Field: Suranne Jones & Rupert Graves shine as the period medical drama improves (Spoilers)

Oona Chaplin

In my review of the first episode of The Crimson Field I felt I gave the programme the benefit of the doubt as it appeared that writer Sarah Phelps had a lot of ground to cover and characters to introduce. I’m glad that I gave the programme another go as I felt tonight’s episode was definitely an improvement on its predecessor. I think we got to know a little bit more about Rosalie and Kitty while some of the male characters got more exposure than they did last week. In addition tonight’s episode gave us an idea of what to expect from the series and how it focuses on the horrors of war and how one injury can change everything.

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Endeavour- Sway: Roger Allam shines in an episode that concentrates on Thursday’s past (Spoilers)


Many people, myself included, tune into Endeavour each week with the hope of getting as much of Roger Allam’s Fred Thursday as possible. Although the programme is essentially Inspector Morse: The Early Years, Allam’s Thursday has become integral to the plot as Endeavour himself. The partnership between Morse and Thursday is a reliable one but thankfully this week the latter gets the chance to have his own storyline. In fact, for the first time, we get to learn more about the man’s past and how at one time he was quite the romantic.

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The Americans- The Deal: Matthew Rhys shines in a thought-provoking instalment

The Deal

One thing I really like about The Americans is that I really don’t know in which direction the show is going to take me. After last week’s episode, I was expecting Philip and Elizabeth’s mission to be truly rumbled thanks to the theft of their car and Martha’s impending job application. Instead what we received was an episode that directly followed on from what we saw last week, which saw Philip try to resurrect the mission to send Anton back to the Soviet Union.

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Mark Gatiss dashes the hopes of Sherlock fans everywhere! Season 4 news…

Mark Gatiss Sherlock panel

Mark Gatiss has admitted that even though fans are desperate for more episodes of hit BBC drama Sherlock, the team can’t commit to making more than three, every two years.

The show’s executive producer was taking part in a special Q&A session in Brazil recently and a fan asked if they could introduce longer series’ or more episodes per run in the future at some point.

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The Fall: Merlin star Colin Morgan joins cast for series 2!

Colin Morgan as Merlin

With the excitement growing rapidly for the second series of The Fall, a new cast member has been announced!

The Fall had us all gripped last year as we watched the hypnotic cat and mouse game between Senior police officer Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) and Belfast’s first ever serial killer, Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan).
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