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Mr Selfridge Series 3 premiere review: Jeremy Piven’s back! (Spoilers)

Jeremy Piven Kara Tointon

Since it first began two years ago, Mr Selfridge has been one of my guilty pleasure TV shows. Whilst Jeremy Piven’s scenery-chewing performance was a little much at times, I enjoyed the turns given by the supporting cast and the ostentatious production design. I felt that Mr Selfridge peaked in series two, which ironed out the problems in the drama’s first run and was somewhat improved due to its focus on the start of World War One. Due to the promise of Mr Selfridge’s second run I was anticipating tonight’s third series greatly, imagine my disappointment then when I was totally underwhelmed with what I saw.

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Last Tango in Halifax review: Nicola Walker shines in this likeable transitional episode (Spoilers)

Nicola Walker

With a wedding, a funeral and a birth within the last two weeks it was inevitable that Last Tango in Halifax was going to have to slow down at some stage. Slow was definitely a word that could describe tonight’s episode although that’s not necessarily a criticism. Indeed, one of Last Tango’s strengths is its use of realistic dialogue, characters and situations; a prime example of which being the scene in which Caroline and Gillian shot the breeze whilst peeling vegetables. As Caroline has dominated the drama for the last two weeks it was great to see Gillian take centre stage as her wedding to Robbie drew ever nearer.

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Call the Midwife Episode 2 Review: Linda Bassett debuts in this overcrowded instalment(Spoilers)

Linda Bassett

In my last review of Call the Midwife I noted how it appeared as if Miranda Hart had been written out of the series as Chummy had become the new matron at the mother and baby home. It appears as if my assertion was correct as Hart’s name has been removed from the credits along with that of her on-screen husband Ben Caplan. Replacing Hart as the drama’s new big name star is Linda Bassett who makes her debut tonight as new nurse Phyllis Crane; who is initially drafted in as a temporary substitute for Sister Evangelina. However, Phyllis’ ideas about how Nonnatus House should be run saw her clash with the drama’s beloved battleaxe.

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Downton Abbey: Julian Fellowes DOESN’T enjoy writing the show!


Downton Abbey is charming for so many reasons – it would be impossible to list them all here, but the one thing that sets it far above the rest is the fact that the entire thing has come from one man’s imagination.

Julian Fellowes, and Julian Fellowes alone came up with the concept of a show about the typically British aristocratic Grantham family moving with modern times alongside their large body of servants and staff downstairs in the roaring 20’s.
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Sherlock Spoilers: Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman spotted filming in a crypt with a single bed!

sherlock correct xmas

As soon as we were told that there would be a Christmas Special episode of Sherlock this year, we knew that filming would have to begin early in the New Year and it has!

Of course it is slightly bitter-sweet as, whilst we all start to get super-excited about one episode 11 months away, it does give the powers that be more time to put off filming series 4, but every cloud has a silver lining.
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Cucumber Review: Vincent Franklin shines in Russell T Davies’ new Channel 4 drama (Spoilers)

Vincent Franklin

Over fifteen years ago, Channel 4 broadcast a drama that would go on to be remembered as one of its most groundbreaking series. That drama was Queer as Folk, written by Russell T Davies; who would go on to have success elsewhere most notably rebooting Doctor Who in 2005. Now he’s returned to Channel 4 with Cucumber; a drama which follows middle-aged Henry, a frustrated gay man whose been stuck in a somewhat platonic relationship for the last nine years. However, as the episode unfolds, Henry’s life begins to spiral out of control and a disastrous date night with his boyfriend Lance has some very interesting consequences.

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Broadchurch Spoilers: Emotional David Tennant stunned by Special Recognition NTA and says he loves the power!


Last night Broadchurch star David Tennant was shocked to be handed the award for Special Recognition at the National Television Awards – a more than fitting tribute to the last decade of extreme talent presented by the star.

The former Doctor Who looked gobsmacked as the big screen filled with moving testaments from fellow stars he has worked with and his own father proving that he is one of the most influential and powerful actors in the business today and it would seem that he is rather fond of power!

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Former Corrie star Julie Hesmondhalgh for Doctor Who? Or Sherlock?

Julie Hesmondhalgh

It is hard to believe that it has already been a year since we last saw Julie Hesmondhalgh on our Coronation Street screens, but maybe we could be about to see a lot more of her.

Fans of the hit ITV soap will know that Julie played Hayley Cropper, the much loved knicker-stitcher and devoted wife of cafe owner Roy, up until January last year when a terminal cancer diagnosis resulted in her making the brave decision to end her own life.
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Doctor Who Spoilers: Russell T Davies to write MOVIE to make a “big leap” in show?


Ever since the rebirth of Doctor Who, fans have been pondering over the prospect of a new movie – And now Russell T Davies has said he would like to make that happen.

The former show runner of the hit BBC family sci-fi series has revealed that he would be very interested in penning a new feature length film in a bid to let the show take a “big leap!”
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Sherlock Spoilers: Martin Freeman doesn’t love filming the show!

sherlock watson

We know that being one half of Britain’s favourite TV duo must be quite overwhelming at times, but even we were shocked to hear that Sherlock star, Martin Freeman, doesn’t love filming the show!

Ever since Sherlock first crashed on to our BBC screens back in 2010 there has been an enormous amount of attention and love for the show.
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Downton Abbey Spoilers: Joanne Froggatt talks cancellation & Hugh Bonneville turned down Harry Potter audition!

downton abbey christmas special 2014 (2)

With Downton Abbey getting ready to start production for its sixth series, speculation over the shows future is still a main topic of conversation amongst fans and it’s stars.

The general consensus seems to be that show creator and writer Julian Fellowes will decide when enough is enough, based on the shows relevance and his other wok commitments.
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Last Tango in Halifax review: Kate’s fate becomes clear in a heart-breaking episode (Spoilers)

Last Tango Cast

I have to say that, after a shaky start, this series of Last Tango in Halifax is turning out to be the best run that the show has ever had. Over the course of three episodes Sally Wainwright has taken her four primary characters on somewhat of an emotional rollercoaster ride which climaxed with last week’s final tense scene. As we learnt, Kate was hit by a car after coming out of a shop and the last thing we heard was Caroline’s crying as she met with a consultant. I’m assuming that if you’ve come here then you’ve already seen the episode but if you don’t want to learn Kate’s fate please stop reading now.

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Call the Midwife Review: Charlotte Ritchie joins as Series 4 premieres! (Spoilers)

Charlotte Ritchie Pam Ferris

I always believe that some dramas need to realise when they’ve come to the end of their natural run and for Call the Midwife that time was last year. Losing the show’s lead character; Jessica Raine’s Jenny upon whose memoirs the programme was originally based, should have been where the drama ended. However, because Call the Midwife often scores BBC One’s biggest ratings, there was no question about it continuing despite Raine’s departure and big name star Miranda Hart’s role as Chummy being significantly reduced. Having watched Call the Midwife since it began I watched this series four opener with some trepidation as I didn’t believe that the remaining characters would be able to carry on with the show. So I was particularly surprised at how much I enjoyed tonight’s episode which was both incredibly funny in places but also provided the occasional moving moment.

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Downton Abbey: Joanne Froggatt QUITTING as Prince Harry’s ex joins cast?


It’s been reported today that Downton Abbey star Joanne Froggatt could be set to quit the ITV period drama in order to move to America and pursue a career in films.

The news comes hot on the heels of her win at the Golden Globes earlier this week. Joanne won the gong for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her portrayal of maid Anna Bates, who, in a previous series, was the victim of an horrific rape at the hands of valet, Mr Green.

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Cucumber, Tofu, Banana won’t be “sexy” but will cause a stir says Julie Hesmondhalgh


With the new Channel 4 triple bill project, Cucumber, Tofu and Banana, about to hit our screens, writer Russell T Davies has opened up about what we can expect.

Not much about this new trio of gay dramas, which are to be shown on Channel 4, E4 and 4oD, has been revealed so far, apart from a few casting details and broadcasting schedules, but now Davies, arguably one of this country’s most influential writers, has told us not to expect them to be sexy!
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