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BBC launching The Last Kingdom – Game Of Thrones rival?

the last kingdom

Could there ever really be a show to rival Game of Thrones? The BBC obviously thinks so!

When Game of Thrones first hit our screens back in 2010 it literally took the world by storm as even the most unlikely of fans became hooked on the battle for the iron throne and the ownership of the Seven Kingdoms that came with it.
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Broadchurch US remake Gracepoint coming to UK & Mr Selfridge to end after series 4?


The US remake of the Chris Chibnall blockbuster drama Broadchurch is heading over to the UK, The Daily Star newspaper reports!

US network giants FOX picked up the rights to remake Broadchurch, along with its writer and main star David Tennant, and put together Gracepoint which, apart from a few accent related issues, has been the buzz of excitement over the pond.
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Sherlock Spoilers: Could the 2015 Christmas Special be based on this….

sherlock christmas

Following Martin Freeman’s little slip of the tongue last week, accidentally categorising the recently revealed Sherlock Special as being a ‘Christmas’ one, there has been much speculation about which of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original novels it might be based on.

Not much is known about this ‘one-off’ special, apart from the fact that in it Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) will “return to face one of his biggest mysteries yet” with his trusted companion John Watson (Martin Freeman), and a strong indication that this will involve Moriarty (Andrew Scott) and an explanation as to how he managed to video chat the entire world from beyond the grave during the series 3 finale.
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Common review: Nico Mirallegro shines in Jimmy McGovern’s gritty BBC One drama

Nico Mirallegro

Jimmy McGovern has always been a writer who provides a human edge to real-life stories such as the Hillsborough massacre or Bloody Sunday.

McGovern’s other area of interest has been the law, and from his early days as the creator of Cracker to his recent courtroom series Accused, he never fails to impress. And McGovern’s latest single drama, Common, definitely has shades of Accused as it focusses on  an incredibly complex court case… Read more & comment »

Downton Abbey spoilers: Julian Fellowes teases season 6

Downton Abbey Christmas Special 2013

Ever since Downton Abbey ended on our screens last year, there has been wide speculation over just how many series there are remaining.

While series 5 has already been commissioned and started filming, one of the most alarming suggestions was that it would not be followed with a sixth series, causing a mass panic among worlwide fans.
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Sleep with Sherlock: New exclusive collection coming from Dreamtex – details!

sherlock martin freeman benedict cumberbathc

Dreamtex are set to make the dreams of many Sherlock fans literally come true after it was announced the fabric and textiles company are to team up with the BBC to launch a new range inspired by the hit detective drama.

While the BBC already have a successful merchandise store, where fans can find a range of goodies on sale, from mugs to T-shirts, The Sherlock Collection will feature everything from bed linen to cushions, towels and fleece blankets. Read more & comment »

The Honourable Woman review: Maggie Gyllenhaal shines in this complex political thriller (Spoilers)

Maggie Gyllenhaal

A few years ago Hugo Blick wrote The Shadow Line, a multi-layered drama about police corruption which was utterly enthralling from beginning to end. Now Blick is back with another drama, The Honourable Woman, which shifts its focus from policemen to the Israel and Palestine conflict. The Honourable Woman of the title is Nessa Stein who has become ennobled due to all the good work she’s done in the Middle East. But Nessa, along with the majority of the characters in the drama, has several secrets that are now coming back to haunt her.

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Doctor Who: BBC announces release of new FREE interactive e-book: ‘Doctor Who: Cybermen Monster File’

Doctor Who e-book

The BBC has today announced the release of a brand new interactive Doctor Who e-book.

The new book, which is released globally today, is titled ‘Doctor Who: Cybermen Monster File’, and provides the ultimate history of one of Doctor Who’s most famous foes.
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Doctor Who: David Tennant still loves “magnificent” Billie Piper! Who doesn’t?

david tennant billie piper

Billie Piper really has come a long way from her teen pop star days, and even her weekend long pub sessions with ex-husband Chris Evans days, in fact it is fair to say she has matured into one of the biggest, and brightest stars that this country has to offer.

Not only was she a Doctor Who companion (not even the Queen can issue an honour that big), but she is also now starring in an incredibly popular period series, Penny Dreadful, in which she has had rave reviews.
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BREAKING SHERLOCK NEWS: BBC confirms series 4, special, filming date AND will Moriarty return?


We promised you we would keep you updated with regards to the BIG news being revealed by the BBC about Sherlock today, and boy it is BIG news.

As we reported earlier today the official Sherlock Twitter page, which had cryptically renamed itself @Sherlock-#221back, had revealed that an announcement would be made today regarding the new series.
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Sherlock season 4 spoilers: Will Mary Morstan die? Martin Freeman spills….

sherlock amanda abbington

Now, we all know that the modern day Sherlock series does not always follow the original works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to the letter, but there does seem to be one massive fact staring us in the face if it does follow the novels in the next series. Mary Morstan will die.

Ever since Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat brought the iconic London sleuth back to life, and handed him a mobile phone, there have been several links back to the original Sherlock Holmes works of literature.
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Sherlock Spoilers: Major announcement due at 2.21pm today – Is it about Moriarty return?

sherlock moriarty

Just when we had started to forget about how painful the wait is for official Sherlock news, the BBC have revealed that a MAJOR announcement is to be made at 2.21pm (when else?) today with regards to the new series!

We are so excited we can hardly speak!
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Doctor Who Spoilers: Peter Capaldi reveals he based his Doctor on David Bowie!

Doctor Who Series 8 Iconic

Almost as soon as it was revealed that the 12th Time Lord on Doctor Who would be Peter Capaldi, it was also revealed that he was helping to style him!

Since the dawn of time, any new actor taking on the iconic role of the Doctor has had the chance to make their version outstanding, usually by creating a unique style, and Peter Capaldi is no different…
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ITV announces new WWII drama, Jambusters.

jambusters 2

ITV are planning a new WWII drama based on the women of the Second World War Home Front, entitled Jambusters.

Radio Times reports that Jambusters is set to be a six part drama which tells the story of a group of Women’s Institute members taking over their absent men’s jobs in their rural Cheshire community, whilst they fight at war.
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Laura Aikman joins cast of Waterloo Road for its final series!

Laura Aikman 1

Filming for the tenth series of Waterloo Road is now well underway, and ahead of its 2015 premiere, the BBC have released news of a new cast member.

Casualty and Personal Affairs star Laura Aikman is joining series ten, along with Fresh Meat’s Rege Jean Page and Sherlock star Stefano Braschi.

The new series will also be the last outing of the school-based drama, and despite being one of the most popular and longest-running soaps in the history of the BBC, the show has now been axed.
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