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Doctor Who’s Christopher Eccleston joins ITV’s Safe House

ITV logo

Acclaimed British actor Christopher Eccleston (The Leftovers, Thor: The Dark World) will be joined by Marsha Thomason (White Collar) and Paterson Joseph (The Leftovers, Law & Order: UK) in a new four-part drama series Safe House from Eleventh Hour Films. Safe House is a tense thriller set in the beautiful wilderness of the Lake District.

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Our Girl Episode Three: Lacey Turner’s Molly heads back to the UK in this uneven instalment (Spoilers)

Lacey Turner Iwan Rheon

In my review of last week’s Our Girl, I praised writer Tony Grounds for not allowing Molly’s various romantic entanglements overtake the rest of the story. However, it appears that I may have spoken too soon as tonight’s episode was almost solely focused around Molly’s feelings for Captain James and Smurf.

Whilst the majority of tonight’s instalment – which saw Molly return home on leave – felt realistic enough, I started to groan as the last ten minutes became a cavalcade of romantic admissions and death threats.

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Ripper Street: Amazon to release third series next month after BBC axe!

ripper street series 3 pic 2

Following its cancellation by the BBC, Ripper Street is due to have its third series released via Amazon next month!

Fans of the period police drama were left bitterly disappointed when the BBC announced their decision to axe it earlier this year, but Amazon Prime Instant Video were quick to seize the opportunity and commissioned a third series that would be exclusive to them.
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Benedict Cumberbatch on why he chose Kylie, Harvey Weinstein & Lewis Hamilton for ALS challenge!

cumberbatch hamilton

When Benedict Cumberbatch was nominated to do the ALS ice bucket challenge, several times over, we all held our breath waiting to see the video… But it didn’t come!

Well, not for a while anyway, because as we have previously reportedthe Sherlock actor was so busy with his work – he was  filming for both the new Jungle Book film and the next Hobbit film – that he hadn’t even heard of the craze…
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Downton Abbey to release a 2014 Christmas album!

downton christmas

As if having a feature length Downton Abbey on Christmas Day wasn’t exciting enough, it’s been revealed today that the show is now going to release its very own Christmas album too! Read more & comment »

Peaky Blinders review: Cillian Murphy & Helen McCrory shine in the return of this stylish gangster saga (Spoilers)


When Peaky Blinders first aired last year I was surprised to learn that the BBC Two gangster drama wasn’t being co-produced with an American network. I was primarily shocked as the style of Steven Knight’s Birmingham-based saga was so striking that I failed to believe that it had been solely produced by the BBC. Knight’s drama, about the titular Birmingham gang who wore razor blades under their caps, found critical success even if it only maintained a cult audience by the time it ended. Tonight Peaky Blinders returns with the Shelby family witnessing the approach of a new decade and the prospect of expanding their criminal empire.

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Which Sherlock star joins Benedict Cumberbatch in Richard III?

benedict cumberbatch richard iii

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch has signed up for the second series of the BBC adaptation of Shakespeare plays, where he will play Richard III in The Hollow Crown: War of the Roses.

This is the second BBC Shakespeare adaption series, the first of which was broadcast back in 2012 to high critical acclaim, which will focus on the War of the Roses and Shakespeare’s three Henry VI plays – which is being compressed into two parts – as well as Richard III.
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Benedict Cumberbatch meditates in airports! Why?

serlock 222

It must be incredibly busy and stressful being the most sought after actor in the world – So just how does Benedict Cumberbatch cope?

It was only yesterday we reported to you how the star, who rose to fame playing the title role of the hugely, and globally, admired BBC detective series Sherlock, has a chocka-block calendar right up until 2016, including starring as Hamlet in the West End and filming the new series of Sherlock, and the one off Christmas Special to name the first two commitments that come to the top of our heads.
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Benedict Cumberbatch saves the internet & shifts the blame!

benedict cumberbatch naked

It was the ALS ice bucket challenge we were all waiting for – The moment when Benedict Cumberbatch got all wet on camera.

But for a while there, and after several nominations, it didn’t look like it was ever going to happen. So what made Benedict Cumberbatch change his mind?
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Downton Abbey Spoilers: Bates speaks to the police & is that Baxter leaving? (PICTURES)

downton abbey series 5 title

We think you will agree that this new series of Downton Abbey has been one of the best so far, with twists, turns and shocks in every episode to date – So we simply can’t wait for the next episode.

If you are the same then keep reading as we have a new synopsis for episode 3, and some cheeky little pictures to share with you – if you don’t the stop reading right about now *EPISODE THREE SPOILER ALERT*
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Downton Abbey spoilers: Lady Mary’s alibi, Lady Portsmouth is whose friend?

downton abbey series 5 title

Some of you who were tuning in to Sunday night’s Downton Abbey were quite surprised by a new character, Lady Portsmouth, being mentioned as you felt she didn’t sound quite Downton enough.

In fact one reviewer even went as far as to declare that a Lady Annabel Portsmouth was improbable, but there is a rather interesting story behind such a choice of name.
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Benedict Cumberbatch is all booked up! Sherlock bosses better get their diaries out!

benedict cumberbatch wx 2

He is literally the world’s most famous and best-loved actor around at the moment, so it is no wonder that he is in high demand, but this has left Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock commitments somewhat sporadic.

Before Benedict took on the role of Sherlock Holmes in the global phenomena that is Sherlock, the modern day twist on the original works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, created by the real dynamic duo Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, he was relatively unknown.
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Doctor Who’s David Tennant Supports The HeForShe Campaign

david tennant heforshe

David Tennant has become the latest celebrity to show his support for the HeForShe campaign.

The HeForShe campaign was thrust into the media when Harry Potter star, Emma Watson delivered a highly charged speech about gender inequality at the United Nations last week.
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Downton Abbey Spoilers: Is Bates going to prison for murder? Or did Anna kill Green?

Bates and Anna Downton Abbey

Mr Bates & Anna

We have to admit that we are more than a little impressed with Downton Abbey and its new found sneakiness!

Fans tuning in to watch the second episode of series 5 last night would have spent the first 57 minutes thinking how pleasant and charming the episode was…..
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Our Girl episode 2 review: Lacey Turner comes into her own! (Spoilers)

Lacey Turner

In my review of last week’s Our Girl I hoped that the expositional dialogue that populated the episode was only being used in order to introduce all the various characters and relationships. Thankfully that hope was reinforced as this week’s episode slows down on the exposition and instead focuses on developing the three central protagonists. Additionally the love triangle storyline that threatened to engulf the drama was instead merely a subplot as the story instead focused on Molly’s relationship with another character.

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