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Downton Abbey Review: Rose & Atticus wed but is Anna Bates the killer?

downton abbey

So, last night saw the series 5 finale of Downton Abbey, and what a satisfying conclusion we enjoyed.

Fans tuning in to the series closer witnessed a wedding, an arrest, a secret discovered and a proposal that could see one character in particular finally accepting the changing world they are famous for fearing.
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Downton Abbey Spoilers: Mr Selfridges Jeremy Piven to join? Who is being axed? Rob James Collier spills….


While the majority of the nation faces the gloomy fact that Downton Abbey is now over for another year, it is some comfort to know that rather than just one Christmas Special to look forward to next month.

As we have previously reported, this year the cast of the hit ITV period drama will be coming together to make a special episode of Downton for the very worthwhile Text Santa fundraising campaign.
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Downton Abbey final spoilers: Rose & Atticus getting married? Or is it The Dowager?

downton abbey series 5 title

It is almost heart-breaking to think that this Sunday will be the last visit to Downton Abbey until Christmas, but to ease the pain a little those wonderful chaps over at ITV have released a teaser trailer for the drama ahead.

We have already given our predictions for the finale, and in particular the wedding that has been hinted and we think the nuptials may be between Lady Rose (Lily James) and her handsome new friend Atticus Aldridge (Matt Barber) which is a theory supported by a scene in the clip of Rose’s mother saying;
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Who is Benedict Cumberbatch is actually marrying? Hint: she’s NOT in Game of Thrones!

benedict cumberbatch sophie hunter burlesque fairytales 2

Entertainment news this week has been dominated by the announcement that Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch is getting married, but who is it that he is actually marrying?

Well, it’s not Game of Throes star Sophie Turner, as some of you mistakenly thought!
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Downton Abbey WILL return for sixth series in 2015! Matthew Goode joins cast as Lady Mary’s new beau

downton abbey

There’s joyous news for fans of Downton Abbey today as ITV have confirmed that they’ve re-commissioned Julian Fellowes’ period drama for a sixth run which will air in the autumn of 2015.

And it seems that storylines for the show’s sixth outing are well in-hand as it’s also been reported today that The Good Wife star Matthew Goode has been cast to play the role of yet another of Lady Mary Crawley’s would be suitors. Read more & comment »

Doctor Who director joining Sherlock series 4! Production must be starting soon then…

sherlock martin freeman benedict cumberbathc

We already knew that production of the 2015 Christmas Special of Sherlock was due to begin around February time next year, but could this be the biggest indication yet that series four will follow quickly after?

Doctor Who director, Douglas Mackinnon has announced on Twitter that he signed up to direct an episode of Sherlock and he has given some teasers away.

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Downton Abbey spoilers: Hugh Bonneville denies claims that Isis’ storyline is political


Of course we could all see there would be awkwardness regarding Lord Grantham’s dog in Downton Abbey this year, considering current news about the extremist Islamic group of the same name, but if you thought that this is why poor old Isis the dog is on his way out of the show, you would be wrong.

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Love Hate series final: Colin Farrell to star? & who dies?

love hate

Paddy Power have started taking bets on a wide range of Love/Hate specials ahead of the cult show’s series 5 finale which airs on Sunday night.

Fans of the show with a bloodlust aren’t likely to be disappointed with the bookie offering odds of 10/11 for 2 or more individuals to be killed on screen.

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Benedict Cumberbatch feels stupid & is he planning babies?

benedict cumberbatch graham norton 3

When you hear the name Benedict Cumberbatch you instantly think of a ridiculously talented and intelligent man who oozes suave sophistication in every highly-prestigious role he takes on.

But according to the actor, it is actually just the roles that make him look intelligent, as he wakes up every morning feeling stupid!
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Steven Moffat talks ‘superhero’ Sherlock but Benedict Cumberbatch says…

sherlock smile

Ever since Sherlock first hit our screens three series ago the biggest debate among fans across the world, apart from his sexuality, was whether or not he had a form or autism due to his highly intelligent, and slightly erratic thought process.

Some even go as far as to categorise his ‘condition’ further by claiming he has Aspergers, while others try desperately to link whatever condition he may or may not have over to other roles that Benedict Cumberbatch has portrayed.
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Benedict Cumberbatch announces he’s ENGAGED to Sophie Hunter – CONFIRMED (UPDATED)

benedict cumberbatch sophie hunter burlesque fairytales 2

Well, we knew that Benedict Cumberbatch was rather fond of his new girlfriend, Sophie Hunter, but even we are surprised by the news that he has already popped the question.

That’s right, ladies, Benedict Cumberbatch is getting married!
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The Missing Episode 2 review: James Nesbitt continues to shine through the twists (Spoilers)

Missing S1ep2

In my review of the first episode of The Missing I wondered if the dual timeline was a narrative device that would be a good idea for the programme. Whilst it did bring up some shocking revelations, at times I found the switching between the 2006 and present day scenes quite disconcerting. But, by the end of tonight’s episode, I was a lot more comfortable with the way in which the present day story referenced incidents that we as an audience are yet to see. Another enjoyable element of tonight’s programme was the introduction of two new characters who added an extra dimension to the drama which left us asking more questions after the end credits had rolled.

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The Fall series 2 premiere: Jamie Dornan wants Paul Spector to get away with murder! & Was series 1 too grisly?

The Fall

While the rest of us couldn’t get enough of the first series of The Fall Allan Cubitt, the man who created it, has admitted that he feels he may have made it a bit too grizzly!

Fans who tuned in to the BBC drama last year would have found themselves glued to their tellyboxes as one of the most uniquely styled thrillers we have ever seen played out. We tuned in to watch both sides of the same story, one from the viewpoint of a Belfast serial killer, and one from the viewpoint of the woman hired to catch him.
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The Missing episode 2: James Nesbit reveals guilt & horror of a missing child

James Nesbitt The Missing

James Nesbitt has admitted that filming for BBC series The Missing was one of the most challenging jobs he’s had in recent years.

The Northern Irish star has appeared in Hollywood blockbuster The Hobbit, as well as a plethora of TV series’ including Cold Feet and ITV’s Monroe, however the subject matter of his new show has touched a nerve with the actor.

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The Passing Bells review: Patrick Gibson & Jack Lowden shine in Tony Jordan’s serviceable war drama

Passing Bells Ep1

So far, the BBC have done admirable job in providing a mixture of content celebrating the centenary of the First World War. From prime time drama The Crimson Field, to a number of hard-hitting documentaries, the BBC has made sure that everyone has been catered for.

My favourite World War One-related programme so far has been BBC Three’s Our World War, which used modern techniques and young protagonists to tell the story of the conflict in a way that would appeal to a teenage demographic… Read more & comment »