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Jane The Virgin coming to UK’s E4!

jane the virgin 2

E4 has today declared its honourable intentions for Jane The Virgin, its latest US acquisition. The comedy series acquired from CBS Studios International has already achieved critical acclaim since being introduced at the annual May screenings. It is due to air in 2015 on E4 following a premiere on the CW Television in the US this October.

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Downton Abbey spoilers: Which actor hangs out with the Royal family?

downton abbey chalres blake

It is no wonder Julian Ovenden looks so comfortable amongst the high-end aristocracy in Downton Abbey, he is used to hanging out with royals.

The actor, who plays Charles Blake in the hit ITV period drama, has revealed that he is more than used to swinging in such elite circles, as his father used to work for the Queen.
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Our Girl Episode 4 review: Lacey Turner is brill as Molly makes a decision about her future!

Lacey Turner

READ: Our Girl FINALE review: Lacey Turner excels as Molly decides her next move (Spoilers)

In my first review of this series of Our Girl I hoped that the love triangle element of the plot didn’t overshadow what should be a drama about a young woman trying to cope in a male-dominated environment. However that’s exactly what happened last week after Smurf declared his love for Molly and then she did the same to Captain James. The love triangle storyline intensifies this week as both men put themselves in danger because of their feelings for Molly leading her to try and protect both of them at the same time. I do feel this is a shame as I felt that Tony Grounds had built up an intriguing plot that was somewhat ruined by an unbelievable climax.

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Downton Abbey: Stephen Fry blasts show as “ghastly snobbery”

downton abbey series 5 title

As far as the quaintness of Downton Abbey goes, we didn’t think there would be a person in the land who would appreciate its traditionally English ways more than traditionally English Stephen Fry, but we couldn’t have been more wrong!

The delicious and delightful take of the English aristocratic Grantham family in the 1920’s has captured the hearts of an entire planet… Well almost all of it, anyway!
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Sherlock: Stephen Fry placed Benedict Cumberbatch as runner-up in acting competition!

benedict cumberbatch hamlet

Benedict Cumberbatch is arguably one of the most talented and most sought after actors in the country, if not the world, at the moment, so you may be surprised to learn that he once came second in an acting competition…

What’s more surprising about this story is that the person who placed him runner-up was British comedy, writing and acting legend, Stephen Fry!
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Lewis – Entry Wounds Review: Kevin Whately, Lawrence Fox return! (Spoilers)

Entry Wounds

After series seven of Lewis finished last year, the majority of us thought that the titular Oxfordshire detective had packed his bags and was off our screens for good. But, seeing as the crime drama regularly pulled in audiences of over eight million, it appears as if ITV couldn’t resist bringing Kevin Whately and company back for another series. Tonight’s episode, the first of a two-part mystery story, sees writer Helen Jenkins attempt to find a reason for Lewis to come out of retirement and rejoin the newly promoted DI Hathaway.

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Downton Abbey Spoilers: Has Lady Mary finally made her mind up? And what is wrong with Thomas? (PICTURES)

downton s5 e4 3

So after her dirty weekend away during the last episode of Downton Abbey, it would seem that this week Lady Mary may have finally made up her mind about who to marry!

Fans of the hit ITV period drama will know how, faced with two marriage proposals, Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) decided to take one of her potential suitors, Lord Anthony Gillingham (Tom Cullen) out for a test drive before deciding which to accept.
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Grantchester Review: James Norton shines in this cosy crime drama (Spoilers)

James Norton Robson Green

One of the best aspects of this year’s drama hit Happy Valley was the performance by James Norton as the despicable Tommy Lee Royce. Norton singled himself out a one of the faces of the future by portraying an evil man who had somewhat of a humanistic side. This week sees Norton given his biggest challenge to date as he takes the lead in ITV’s latest crime drama Grantchester in which he stars as sleuthing vicar Sidney Chambers. Norton’s turn in the drama couldn’t be more difference to his performance in Happy Valley and the same could be said about the variation in quality between Sally Wainwright’s incredible series and the rather formulaic Grantchester.

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Sherlock spoilers: Lara Pulver on getting naked & Irene Adler’s return!

lara pulver benedict cumberbatch

We may have seen Sherlock Holmes getting engaged in the last series of Sherlock, but there will only ever be one “woman” in his life really.

Fans of the hit BBC detective series will remember that Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) seemed to meet his match when meeting Irene “The Woman” Adler back ins series 2, only for her to fade in to the night again as quickly as she came.
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Sherlock’s Martin Freeman to Star in BBC Nazi drama The Eichmann Show

sherlock martin freeman 1

Sherlock star, Martin Freeman, has been cast to play a TV producer who put together one of the first global television broadcasts of a criminal trial when Adolf Eichmann, the Nazi in charge of organising the transportation of prisoners to concentration camps during the Second World War, was arrested and charged for his hideous war crimes.

The Eichmann Show, which is being made to mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, will show the trial of Otto Adolf Eichmann, one of the main players in the holocaust, The Radio Times reports.
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Love Grey’s Anatomy & Scandal? How To Get Away With Murder is a MUST

how to get away with murder

So you loved Private Practice, but the pesky TV bosses cancelled it. You are addicted to Grey’s Anatomy, but one episode a week hardly seems enough and you’re a Scandal enthusiast but Olivia Pope’s white hatting just isn’t filling the gap? Guess what? We have the perfect show for you.

How To Get Away With murder is the latest offering from Shonda Rhimes (Executive Producer for the series), the television miracle worker behind all three of the previously mentioned shows, so it’s a no brainer that this one is going to be a success right?

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Doctor Who’s Christopher Eccleston joins ITV’s Safe House

ITV logo

Acclaimed British actor Christopher Eccleston (The Leftovers, Thor: The Dark World) will be joined by Marsha Thomason (White Collar) and Paterson Joseph (The Leftovers, Law & Order: UK) in a new four-part drama series Safe House from Eleventh Hour Films. Safe House is a tense thriller set in the beautiful wilderness of the Lake District.

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Our Girl Episode Three: Lacey Turner’s Molly heads back to the UK in this uneven instalment (Spoilers)

Lacey Turner Iwan Rheon

In my review of last week’s Our Girl, I praised writer Tony Grounds for not allowing Molly’s various romantic entanglements overtake the rest of the story. However, it appears that I may have spoken too soon as tonight’s episode was almost solely focused around Molly’s feelings for Captain James and Smurf.

Whilst the majority of tonight’s instalment – which saw Molly return home on leave – felt realistic enough, I started to groan as the last ten minutes became a cavalcade of romantic admissions and death threats.

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Ripper Street: Amazon to release third series next month after BBC axe!

ripper street series 3 pic 2

Following its cancellation by the BBC, Ripper Street is due to have its third series released via Amazon next month!

Fans of the period police drama were left bitterly disappointed when the BBC announced their decision to axe it earlier this year, but Amazon Prime Instant Video were quick to seize the opportunity and commissioned a third series that would be exclusive to them.
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Benedict Cumberbatch on why he chose Kylie, Harvey Weinstein & Lewis Hamilton for ALS challenge!

cumberbatch hamilton

When Benedict Cumberbatch was nominated to do the ALS ice bucket challenge, several times over, we all held our breath waiting to see the video… But it didn’t come!

Well, not for a while anyway, because as we have previously reportedthe Sherlock actor was so busy with his work – he was  filming for both the new Jungle Book film and the next Hobbit film – that he hadn’t even heard of the craze…
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