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In The Flesh series 3 & The Fall 3rd season? Emmett J. Scanlan spills!

emmett j scanlan in the fleah

Emmett J. Scanlan Coy has been part of two of this year’s biggest British dramas and he’s been spilling the beans on whether or not they’ll be back for another run in 2015.

READ: In The Flesh series 2 final review! Was Maxine’s reveal all building to series 3? (Spoilers)

The former Hollyoaks actor of course was part of the recent run of BBC Three’s In The Flesh and he’d love to see the zombie drama being rebooted for a third series.

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Benedict Cumberbatch bigs up Sophie Hunter! “Like me, like my fiancee!”

benedict cumberbatch sophie hunter burlesque fairytales 2

There were more than a few hearts broken when Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch announced his engagement to Sophie Hunter earlier this month, so it is easy to see why some of his adoring female fans haven’t taken to her, or the news that well.

Cumberbatch used the slightly unusual approach of announcing his engagement earlier this month via a classified ad sent to The Times newspaper by his parents, Wanda Ventham and Timothy Carlton.
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Remember Me review: Michael Palin & Jodie Comer shine in new BBC 1 drama (Spoilers)

Michael Palin

It’s fair to say that the genre of supernatural horror isn’t well represented on British TV. The majority of our dramas centre round doctors, policemen and occasionally lawyers. More supernatural offerings are usually confined to single dramas, such as last year’s The Thirteenth Tale and The Tractate Middoth. There are exceptions to the rule; such as ITV’s Marchlands and BBC One’s The Secret of Crickley Hall, but these series are few and far between. The latest British drama to try and tackle the supernatural genre is tonight’s BBC One three-parter Remember Me which includes all the classic horror tropes including unexplained running water, flickering lights and a creepy piano.

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Downton Abbey: Japanese students watch the show to perfect their English

downton abbey

There is no denying that Downton Abbey has become a worldwide phenomenon, but it seems that Japanese devotees are going one step further and rather than just watching the show with subtitles, education authorities have reportedly introduced the show into the national school curriculum!

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The Fall Spoilers: Jamie Dornan apologised after filming violent scenes

Jamie Dornan Gillian Anderson

He may be a cold and calculating killer on-screen, but The Fall star Jamie Dornan is incredibly thoughtful when it comes to his victims off-screen…

Fans of the hit BBC Two murder mystery drama will know that Dornan – who is also about to star as Christian Grey in the highly-anticipated Fifty Shades Of Grey movie – plays Paul Spector, Belfast’s first ever serial killer.
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Sherlock Series 4 Spoilers: Fans warned to expect “tragedy” in new series – Who will die?

sherlock martin freeman benedict cumberbathc

Fans of Sherlock have already been warned that the cast found the new series script “devastating” and now show co-creator, Mark Gatiss, has warned us to “expect tragedy” too when series 4 hits our screens!

A start date for the filming of series 4 of Sherlock has yet to be confirmed, with the only bit of news coming from camp Baker Street is that filming for the 2015 Christmas Special is expected to begin next February.
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Game Of Thrones spoilers: Movie confirmed? Charles Dance says….

'Game Of Thrones' star Charles Dance will also feature

‘Game Of Thrones’ star Charles Dance will also feature

Oh My Total God! Game Of Thrones could be coming soon to a cinema near you, if Charles Dance is to be believed.

The hit HBO fantasy drama has always been of movie quality and we have always said that many of it’s largest scenes (the Battle of Blackwater for example) would be better appreciated on the big screen, instead of our tiny 42 incher in the corner of a sitting room.

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Idris Elba to return as Luther for two special 2015 episodes!


BBC writer Neil Cross has revealed that the hit detective show, Luther, is to return for a two episode mini-series next year, with leading actor Idris Elba returning to reprise his title role.

The last series of Luther played out on our BBC screens last July, with many believing that it was the end of the show entirely, but as mentioned above, Cross has revealed that filming for two more episodes is expected to begin in London in, or soon after, March of next year.
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Downton Abbey Spoilers: Tom Branson being killed off in Christmas Special? Will George Clooney be involved?


Ever since the last series of Downton Abbey hit our screens this autumn, there has been an air of uncertainty surrounding one character’s future at the great estate.

Tom Branson (Allen Leech) began his Downton life as the Grantham family chauffeur, living and socialising with the rest of the downstairs staff until he caught the eye of the youngest Grantham daughter, Lady Sybil.
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Sherlock Spoilers: Moriarty puzzle will be COMPLETELY resolved during Christmas Special!

sherlock moriarty

As we have previously reported, next year’s Sherlock Christmas Special will feature Moriarty and we can now reveal that in fact the mystery surrounding the sinister character will be wholly solved during the episode.

Fans of the hit BBC detective series will know that Moriarty (Andrew Scott) seemingly shot himself in the head on top of St Bart’s hospital roof at the end of series two, which sparked the fake suicide of Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch).
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Whose bum made Benedict Cumberbatch blush? (VIDEO)

benedict cumberbatch graham norton 4

We all know how very brutally British Benedict Cumberbatch is, but we never thought he was prudish!

The Imitation Game and Sherlock star has seen his fair share of brow-raising sites, most notably that of Lara Pulver stood naked in front of him as Irene Adler in Sherlock, but it would seem he is way shyer than we gave him credit for.

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The Missing Episode 4 review: Tcheky Karyo shines as the mystery of Oliver’s disappearance deepens (Spoilers)

Tcheky Karyo

Last week I found it interesting reading the theories that some of you had left regarding the disappearance of Oliver Hughes on The Missing. I’m personally not sure who to trust but what I do know is that writers Jack and Harry Williams have extended the scope of the episode again. With the discovery of Oliver on the videotape last week it appears as if Tony has finally had the breakthrough he’s been hoping for. These modern day scenes took Julien back to the continuation of the Antoine case in 2006 and introduced us to yet another new character who began the episode.

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Broadchurch series 2 premiere date & new trailers shed a LOT of light!


As if I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here returning last night wasn’t enough excitement already for us on a Sunday evening, the lovely people over at ITV decided to fill the advert breaks with equal deliciousness too!

No, we don’t mean the Peter Andre Iceland adverts (although he was looking every bit as tasty as that Irish cream profiterole cake), we are referring to the teaser trailers for the new series of Broadchurch, which were broadcast between bushtucker trials and Gemma Collins crying over a broken finger nail.
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The Missing renewed for season 2? James Nesbitt spills….

James Nesbitt

The nation has been gripped following The Missing, the new BBC drama which tells the story of a father’s plight to find his abducted child, years after the event, but could it come back for a second series, or more?

One of the biggest risks that dramas like The Missing faces is that they are so unique, and so specific that they run the risk of creating their own shelf life, based on how long interest can be hooked on the same story.
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Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch is a VERY loyal friend!

imitation game 2

The Imitation Game made its UK cinema debut yesterday, and if you were lucky enough to be one of the first to see it, you may have noticed that the cast list resembled an extract from leading actor and Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch’s address book.

Why is that?
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