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The Great Fire review: Andrew Buchan & Rose Leslie shine in this patchy historical drama (Spoilers)

The Great Fire Cast

Over the past few weeks I’ve become increasingly disenfranchised with the amount of crime drama that ITV have produced. From the tiresome Lewis and predictable Grantchester to the reliable Scott and Bailey; I feel that the channel’s drama output should give us more than just a cavalcade of police procedurals. That’s why I was excited to see something a different drama on ITV in the form of The Great Fire, a dramatisation of the blaze that engulfed London in 1666.

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Benedict Cumberbatch’s mum, Wanda Ventham to appear in Holby City!

wanda ventham holby city

Benedict Cumberbatch’s mum, Wanda Ventham, is to make a guest appearance in Holby City next week.

Fans of the ridiculously popular Sherlock star will know that both his mother, Wanda Ventham and his father, Timothy Carlton (real name Timothy Carlton Congdon Cumberbatch), are established actors also.
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Downton Abbey Spoilers: New love for Lady Mary, Lady Rose AND Lady Cora? (PICTURES)

downton s5 e5 5

With the next episode of Downton Abbey only a few days away, we have found some gossip and pictures for you to whet your appetites with.

First of all the situation between art historian Simon Bricker (Richard E Grant) and Lady Cora (Elizabeth McGovern) looks set to come to head in this Sunday’s trip to Downton, but in what way?
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Downton Abbey Series 5 Spoilers: Is Lady Edith about to get her daughter back?

downton s5 e1 12

Could this Sunday be the moment that starts the wheels in motion for Lady Edith to be reunited with her secret child in Downton Abbey?

Fans of the multi award-winning ITV period drama will know that Lady Edith (Laura Carmichael) fell pregnant last series by her married lover, who then disappeared in Germany where he was trying to obtain a divorce in order to marry the middle Grantham daughter.
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Downton Abbey being axed? To end after series 6?

downton abbey series 5 title

Downton Abbey has, in its five years in service, become one of this country’s biggest and best institutes and exports, but right from the very start we knew it would have a shelf life attached at some point.

After all, having started in the 1910’s and jumping on average 3 years between each series, much in the same way the reruns of EastEnders did on UK Gold, the show ran the risk of catching up with us and apart from The Queen perhaps, there is nobody living the way they did at Downton these days.

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Sherlock Holmes London Tour boasts Benedict Cumberbatch goodies!


One of the best things about Sherlock is its use of our great capital city as an ever present, almost characteristic backdrop for all the drama.

Of course the original stories, written by the great Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, were all centred in London, and provided one of the biggest charms to the tales of the great detective Sherlock Holmes, so it was only right that when Steven Moffat and mark Gatiss decided to make a modern day version of the iconic crime-fighting duo, they stuck to the same format.
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Richard III: Judi Dench on “shocking” proposal from Benedict Cumberbatch!

benedict cumberbatch richard iii

As we have previously reported, Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch recruited his own on-screen mother for Richard III in the most unconventional of ways.

The actor, whose latest film The Imitation Game is tipped to be next year’ big Oscar winner after it is released next month, put Dame Judi Dench on the spot during a Shakespeare Q&A session, in front of a live audience.
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National Television Awards 2015: See full long list and get voting here! Emmerdale, Doctor Who, Sherlock & more…

nta 2015

Voting for next year’s National Television Awards has officially opened and we have the full long list of nominees for you to ponder over!

The National Television Awards are arguably one of this country’s most prestigious ceremonies, where the worlds of drama, comedy, reality shows, documentaries, soaps and day time telly all come together to find out which your favourites are!
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Downton Abbey Spoilers: Hugh Bonneville on George Clooney appearance!


I think it is safe to say that we are all pretty excited about Hollywood superstar, George Clooney, making an appearance in Downton Abbey over the Christmas period, and now the show’s lead actor has come out to praise the star.

As we have previously reported, Clooney will star in an episode of the hit ITV period drama as part of this year’s Text Santa charity fundraising campaign.
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Downton Abbey spoilers: Did Anna kill Bates, or does she know something we don’t?

downton bates anna hs

Having believed for the best part of a year that the person responsible for the death of Lord Gillingham’s valet, Green, in Downton Abbey was Mr Bates, Sunday night’s episode threw a new suspect into the ring.

We actually must point out here that we had already pondered over this theory, that it was Bates’ wife, Anna (Joanne Froggatt) who may have killed Green, who fans will remember raped her, on that fateful day.
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Benedict Cumberbatch insists ‘bring it on!’ but why?

sherlock benedict cumberbatch 1

Benedict Cumberbatch may well be the most talented and sought after actor of our generation, but underneath his many cloaks and intellectual counterparts, he is just a human being just like us – So what makes him tick?

This is precisely what he was asked when taking part in a short interview film for flaunt, where one of the first things he was asked was which part of his job he enjoyed the most, to which he replied:
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Jane The Virgin coming to UK’s E4!

jane the virgin 2

E4 has today declared its honourable intentions for Jane The Virgin, its latest US acquisition. The comedy series acquired from CBS Studios International has already achieved critical acclaim since being introduced at the annual May screenings. It is due to air in 2015 on E4 following a premiere on the CW Television in the US this October.

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Downton Abbey spoilers: Which actor hangs out with the Royal family?

downton abbey chalres blake

It is no wonder Julian Ovenden looks so comfortable amongst the high-end aristocracy in Downton Abbey, he is used to hanging out with royals.

The actor, who plays Charles Blake in the hit ITV period drama, has revealed that he is more than used to swinging in such elite circles, as his father used to work for the Queen.
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Our Girl Episode 4 review: Lacey Turner is brill as Molly makes a decision about her future!

Lacey Turner

READ: Our Girl FINALE review: Lacey Turner excels as Molly decides her next move (Spoilers)

In my first review of this series of Our Girl I hoped that the love triangle element of the plot didn’t overshadow what should be a drama about a young woman trying to cope in a male-dominated environment. However that’s exactly what happened last week after Smurf declared his love for Molly and then she did the same to Captain James. The love triangle storyline intensifies this week as both men put themselves in danger because of their feelings for Molly leading her to try and protect both of them at the same time. I do feel this is a shame as I felt that Tony Grounds had built up an intriguing plot that was somewhat ruined by an unbelievable climax.

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Downton Abbey: Stephen Fry blasts show as “ghastly snobbery”

downton abbey series 5 title

As far as the quaintness of Downton Abbey goes, we didn’t think there would be a person in the land who would appreciate its traditionally English ways more than traditionally English Stephen Fry, but we couldn’t have been more wrong!

The delicious and delightful take of the English aristocratic Grantham family in the 1920’s has captured the hearts of an entire planet… Well almost all of it, anyway!
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