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Downton Abbey Spoilers: Bates speaks to the police & is that Baxter leaving? (PICTURES)

downton abbey series 5 title

We think you will agree that this new series of Downton Abbey has been one of the best so far, with twists, turns and shocks in every episode to date – So we simply can’t wait for the next episode.

If you are the same then keep reading as we have a new synopsis for episode 3, and some cheeky little pictures to share with you – if you don’t the stop reading right about now *EPISODE THREE SPOILER ALERT*
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Downton Abbey spoilers: Lady Mary’s alibi, Lady Portsmouth is whose friend?

downton abbey series 5 title

Some of you who were tuning in to Sunday night’s Downton Abbey were quite surprised by a new character, Lady Portsmouth, being mentioned as you felt she didn’t sound quite Downton enough.

In fact one reviewer even went as far as to declare that a Lady Annabel Portsmouth was improbable, but there is a rather interesting story behind such a choice of name.
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Benedict Cumberbatch is all booked up! Sherlock bosses better get their diaries out!

benedict cumberbatch wx 2

He is literally the world’s most famous and best-loved actor around at the moment, so it is no wonder that he is in high demand, but this has left Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock commitments somewhat sporadic.

Before Benedict took on the role of Sherlock Holmes in the global phenomena that is Sherlock, the modern day twist on the original works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, created by the real dynamic duo Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, he was relatively unknown.
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Doctor Who’s David Tennant Supports The HeForShe Campaign

david tennant heforshe

David Tennant has become the latest celebrity to show his support for the HeForShe campaign.

The HeForShe campaign was thrust into the media when Harry Potter star, Emma Watson delivered a highly charged speech about gender inequality at the United Nations last week.
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Downton Abbey Spoilers: Is Bates going to prison for murder? Or did Anna kill Green?

Bates and Anna Downton Abbey

Mr Bates & Anna

We have to admit that we are more than a little impressed with Downton Abbey and its new found sneakiness!

Fans tuning in to watch the second episode of series 5 last night would have spent the first 57 minutes thinking how pleasant and charming the episode was…..
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Our Girl episode 2 review: Lacey Turner comes into her own! (Spoilers)

Lacey Turner

In my review of last week’s Our Girl I hoped that the expositional dialogue that populated the episode was only being used in order to introduce all the various characters and relationships. Thankfully that hope was reinforced as this week’s episode slows down on the exposition and instead focuses on developing the three central protagonists. Additionally the love triangle storyline that threatened to engulf the drama was instead merely a subplot as the story instead focused on Molly’s relationship with another character.

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Marvellous BBC Two review: Toby Jones shines in this joyous biographical drama

Toby Jones

At the moment it does seem that we’re a little bit awash with TV drama biopics. Whilst Sheridan Smith is currently singing her way through the Cilla Black story on ITV; BBC2 recently offered up Castles in the Sky, the tale of Robert-Watson Watt’s creation of radar. It’s to BBC Two we turn once again for another biographical tale but this time it’s about a man that many will never have heard of. Marvellous is the story of Neil Baldwin; a man born with learning difficulties who went on to become a fixture at Stoke City and later received an honorary master’s degree at Keele University.

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24 returning? Kiefer Sutherland on filming in Scotland!

24: Live Another Day - Jack

Kiefer Sutherland has revealed that he would love to film another season of 24 and this time, he’d return to the UK for filming.

The actor recently starred in a reboot of the popular series, titled 24: Live Another Day. The show had a slightly different format to the original and was a shortened, 12 episode run, but it proved that there’s still an appetite for Jack Bauer and a further season has not yet been ruled out.

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Call The Midwife spoilers: Guess who’s joining Miranda Hart?

sarah hadland

Sarah Hadland has revealed that her pal and co-star Miranda Hart has been teasing her about joining her hit BBC drama, Call The Midwife.

The Job Lot actress works with the comedienne on her BBC comedy Miranda and stars as Stevie Sutton, Miranda’s childhood friend and sidekick.

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The Driver: David Morrissey shines in this gritty thriller (Spoilers)

David Morrissey

If there’s one actor who excels at playing the world-weary every man, it’s David Morrissey. Earlier in the year, we saw him appear in The 7:39 in which he portrayed a businessman who was seemingly stuck in a rut and who tried to alter his daily routine by having an affair.

Tonight’s new three-part drama The Driver sees him playing a similar character in hard-working cabbie Vince, who has played by the rules all of his life. However, Danny Brocklehurst’s drama soon plunges Vince, and the audience, into a dark criminal underworld which will change our lead character’s life forever.

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Downton Abbey spoilers: Hugh Bonneville makes BIG promises as Kindle ads face backlash!


Hugh Bonneville has promised fans of Downton Abbey that the new series will be more joyous than last year’s episodes.

The acclaimed actor returned to our screens last night, following almost ten months off air, and as fans wondered what might be ahead for the 2014 run, Hugh promised more happiness, less depression and a more uplifting experience.

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Our Girl Review: Lacey Turner returns as Molly Dawes in this promising instalment!

Lacey Turner

One of last year’s most pleasant surprises in the world of TV drama was Our Girl; a ninety-minute one-off show starring Eastenders’ Lacey Turner. I didn’t really know what to expect going into Our Girl but felt that Tony Grounds’ piece about a young girl from an underprivileged background training to be an army medic had real heart. Additionally it boasted a fine performance from Turner who played to her strengths as the gobby Molly Dawes who was forced to change her attitude in order to conform to army life. Due to its success both in the ratings and with critics I wasn’t surprised when Our Girl was commissioned for a five-part series. However I did worry that Grounds and his team would struggle to find storylines for Molly now that she had become a fully-qualified army medic.

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Downton Abbey Series 5 review: Baxter’s secret is out, will she keep her job? Will Thomas?

What could her secret be?

So the first episode of the fifth series of Downton has finally arrived, and what a drama-fest to behold!

One of the main topics running through this first episode is the secret that was left hanging over Baxter’s head by Thomas Barrow (Rob James Collier) last series.
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Downton Abbey premiere spoilers: After being caught in bed with a guest, is this the last we have seen of Jimmy?

downton s5 e1 10

The first episode of the new series of Downton Abbey leaves one popular character without a job, or reference by the end of it, surely this isn’t he end for Jimmy Kent?

Jimmy (Ed Speelers) has always been a bit of a ladies man, and knows only too well how to use his charms and dashing looks to get what he wants out of everyone – Even under-butler, Thomas Barrow (Rob James Collier).
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Downton Abbey Series 5 Spoilers: Julian Fellowes discusses Sue Johnston’s “strong” character!

sue johnston

As we have previously reported, former Coronation Street star Sue Johnston is set to join the cast of Downton Abbey when the new series begins this weekend.

Johnston, who left her Corrie role as Gloria Price earlier this year, is set to play the new lady’s maid of The Dowager Countess (Dame Maggie Smith), and according to Rob James Collier, the actor who plays under-butler Thomas Barrow, she is a rather stern character.
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