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Doctor Who – Last Christmas: Nick Frost brings joy to this otherwise dark instalment (Spoilers)

Last Christmas

Although I wouldn’t class myself as a Doctor Who fan I’ve always made time to watch the Christmas special as they’ve often offered a bit of festive escapism. I was particularly excited for this year’s festive offering as I rather enjoyed the most recent series thanks in no small part to the performance by Peter Capaldi. While Capaldi was great as always, I found Steven Moffatt’s story to be rather dark and, were it not for the appearance of Santa Claus, I’d question whether it should be shown on Christmas Day at all.

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Don’t miss Call the Midwife Christmas special 2014 tonight! See spoilers, pics & videos

call the midwife christmas special 2014 (1)

When the presents are unwrapped, the turkey eaten, the champagne drunk and the crackers pulled, it’s time to sit down with a box of chocolates, put on the onesie and watch the best of Christmas Day telly…

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Unreality TV’s Top 5 Dramas of 2014! The Fall, Sherlock, Cilla & more!

itv drama

2014 has been a great year for British television, with some real surprises in every category – But as per usual it was the Great British Drama which has raised the bar for many years to come.

We have had long-anticipated returns from some of our favourites, some continuations that didn’t disappoint, and a few surprise hits all contributing to making 2014 a year to remember.
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Downton Abbey Christmas special 2014: Here’s all YOU need to know! PICS & VIDEO

downton abbey christmas special 2014 (3)

It’s Christmas Day, and no doubt you’ve been running around like a headless chicken for the last few weeks in order to prepare for the annual visit of the rather glory stealing Father Christmas, and – if you’re very unlucky – the annual visit of the in-laws too…

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Call The Midwife nuns Pam Ferris, Judy Parfitt and Jenny Agutter are actually atheists!

call the midwife nuns

They may be convincing as nuns on screen, but Call The Midwife stars Pam Ferris, Judy Parfitt and Jenny Agutter are actually atheists in real life!

And they are serious about it too!
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Broadchurch series 2 Spoilers: Who is Charlotte Rampling’s character, Jocelyn Knight? We know!

charlotte rampling broadchurch

One of the only things that is making January look less dreary than usual is the return of Broadchurch, but despite a few cryptic trailers we are still pretty in the dark about what to expect.

But maybe one of the new cast members can shed some light on the subject?
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Benedict Cumberbatch & Sophie Hunter moving to LA? Is this the end of Sherlock?

benedict cumberbatch naked

Marriage changes everyone, with both sides having to accommodate and make changes to adapt to their new life and Benedict Cumberbatch is no exception it would seem!

The ridiculously famous and sought after star of stage and screen has reportedly been looking at changing his postcode and has been viewing properties to buy in LA.
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Mr Selfridge Spoilers: See new series 3 trailer here (VIDEO)

mr selfridge

A new year means new drama on TV, and the return of some of our best loved shows such as Mr Selfridge, and now ITV has released the new trailer advertising just that!

This new promo trailer, which is set to the song Worthy by Jacob Banks, confirms that popular period drama, based on the iconic London department store – the first of its kind – will be back on our screens next month.
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Text Santa breaks records & see George Clooney’s Downton Abbey debut here (VIDEO)

text santa 1

Last night saw this year’s Text Santa campaign air on ITV, and the annual fundraiser broke its own record when it came to the total amount raised!

Those of you tuning in to the extravaganza would have seen treats such as McBusted taking on a special Bushtucker Trial, just like those which are featured in I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here, hosted by the delightful Ant & Dec.
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The Fall Finale: Did Paul Spector die? Will there be a third series? Will Jamie Dornan be in it?

Jamie Dornan Gillian Anderson

Fans tuning in to the finale of the second series of The Fall would have seen a very gripping, yet somewhat unresolved conclusion to the past 16 episodes of this hit thriller!

The Fall began last year as we watched the incredibly unique and refreshing tale of a murderer and his hunter, with a view to both characters points of view.
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Sherlock’s fake suicide reveal named Most Talked About TV Moment of 2014!


It is actually hard to remember that we only had our last taste of Sherlock at the beginning of this year – But having waited two whole years for it, it is little wonder that it has been named the Most Talked About TV Moment of 2014!

Of course the moment in question was finally being let in to the secret of how Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) managed to survive jumping from the top of St Bart’s hospital during the series 2 finale.
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Broadchurch spoilers: What did Olivia Colman & David Tennant have to quit whilst filming series one?


When this year’s surprise hit Broadchurch first hit our ITV screens, nobody could have predicted just how popular it would become, and so quickly – Even those who were part of the show were left a bit gobsmacked!

For weeks fans were glued to their tellyboxes as the murder mystery of an eleven year old boy left the sleepy seaside town where he lived in complete shock, whilst police tried to piece together what had happened to him.
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The Missing CONFIRMED for second series!

James Nesbitt

Following last night’s gripping series one finale of The Missing, the BBC has confirmed that there will indeed be a second series!

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The Missing finale review: James Nesbitt shines again as the drama reaches its shock conclusion (Spoilers)

James Nesbitt Frances O'Connor

I’ve always maintained that The Missing wasn’t just about the mystery behind Oliver Hughes’ disappearance but instead the emotional toll it had had on both of his parents. Whilst others were conducting their own theories I was happy not to let the mystery bother me too much primarily as Jack and Harry Williams had made me really care about their cast of emotionally fractured characters. As a result of following them for the past seven weeks; I was hoping that Tony and Emily would receive some sort of positive news however their ultimate discovery was bleaker than even I could imagine.

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ITV announces new drama Beowulf

ITV logo

ITV has commissioned thirteen-part drama Beowulf, an epic re-imagining of one of literature’s greatest and most enduring heroes.

Created by James Dormer, Tim Haines and Katie Newman, this action-packed series is set in the mythical Shieldlands, a place of spectacle and danger populated by both humans and fantastical creatures.

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