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Turks & Caicos Review: Bill Nighy & Christopher Walken shine in this weak spy drama (Spoilers)

Bill Nighy

In 2011, David Hare brought us intelligent spy drama Page Eight which starred Bill Nighy as MI5 Of-ficer Johnny Worricker. The drama was based around a dossier concerning the torture of suspects during the war on terror and featured political intrigue aplenty. The conclusion of Page Eight saw Worricker stare wistfully at an airport departures board whilst his love interest in the drama looked at a picture of a beach where he supposedly ended up. The new Worricker drama follows Johnny on the tax dodge islands of Turks and Caicos as he’s once again dragged into a conspiracy involving a group of dodgy investors and more intrigue involving the British Prime Minister.

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Broadchurch: Will David Tennant be back for series 2? Jodie Whittaker seems to think so….


Hmmm, while bosses over at Broadchurch have remained very tight-lipped about which characters will be returning when the show films its second series, one of them may have let a big secret slip!

Broadchurch captured this nation last year with its tale of the sleepy seaside town rocked by the shocking murder of eleven year old Danny Latimer.
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Netflix UK lands rights to stream Sherlock, Call The Midwife & series 6 of Doctor Who!

sherlock benedict cumberbatch martin freeman

Sherlock and Call The Midwife are amongst some of the BBC dramas which have just been approved to be streamed through Netflix UK & Ireland!

The American provider of on-demand Internet streaming media has secured the first two series’ of the hit BBC detective series, Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and martin Freeman in the Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss modern day spin on the classic works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
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My Mad Fat Diary: Sharon Rooney continues to shine in this incredibly moving episode (Spoilers)

Mad Fat Diary S2ep5

Last week, I complained that My Mad Fat Diary had gone downhill somewhat due to its inclusion of new characters and storylines that didn’t ring true. Thankfully most of those problems have been eradicated this week due to the disappearance of the unlikeable college girls and a limited use of the irritating Liam. Instead the focus is put back on Rae’s original gang of friends and shows what happens when life gets in the way of friendship groups which were once so close. In addition, after being used as a comedy character for most of this series, Rae’s mum finally gets her chance to shine in a story which looks at the roots of the relationship between her and her daughter.

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The Widower: Reece Shearsmith & Sheridan Smith star in this disappointing fact-based drama (Spoilers)

The Widower ep1

Over the past few years, writer Jeff Pope has become synonymous with dramatising real-life events to create some truly memorable TV shows and films. Pope’s successes have included Appropriate Adult and Mrs Biggs whilst he recently gained critical praise for co-writing the screenplay for the Oscar-nominated Philomena. Tonight, Pope returns to the small screen with The Widower a three-part drama that chronicles the story of Malcolm Webster, who was arresting for killing his wife of eight months back in 2011. The drama takes us right back to the day that Malcolm and first wife Claire were married and how this was possibly the happiest day she had with him.

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Mr Selfridge: Katherine Kelly shines in this enjoyable penultimate instalment

Mr Selfridge family

I think that my main issue with this series of Mr Selfridge has been an over-abundance of episodes which in turn caused a mid-series lull. But, now we’re approaching the end of the series, all of the stories are building up steam and it appears as if Harry may finally be getting his revenge on Loxley. In addition, this episode surprised me, by throwing in a few curveballs, especially one involving Rose.

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Jonathan Creek: Alan Davies stars in the final instalment of this lacklustre series

Alan Davies Sarah Alexander

It’s fair to say that this current run of Jonathan Creek hasn’t delivered in terms of quality or consistency. David Renwick’s once great amateur sleuth has lost some of his edge since he settled down in the country with his wife Polly. The main issues I’ve had with the series have been a lack of a decent mystery, too many stories in a hour-long running time and an overly comic tone employed throughout. I’m afraid that, after an incredibly promising start, this episode suffers from the same problems as it includes a farcical plot involving a cleaner and a male gigolo as well as a couple of elderly twins who could well be up to no good.

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Sherlock: Andrew Scott says he knows the secret behind Moriarty’s return!

sherlock moriarty

Sherlock fans were all left open-mouthed when, at the end of series 3, Moriarty made an apparent return – Despite being dead!

It wasn’t the first time that the show had brought someone back from the dead, so instead of even questioning what our eyes were seeing, we all started to wonder how the clever sausages behind the hit BBC detective series were going to explain this fake suicide.
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The Fall: As second series begins filming Gillian Anderson promises it will be “even darker” than the first!


Last year the nation was gripped as the thrilling new crime drama, The Fall, hit our screens and kept us mesmerised for 5 weeks!

Created by Allan Cubitt and directed by Jakob Verbruggen, The Fall told the story of Belfast’s first ever serial killer, Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) from both his point of view, and that of Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson), the Detective Superintendent brought in to try and catch him.
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Sherlock’s Moriarty actor, Andrew Scott, strips for new comedy!

sherlock moriarty

It’s Moriarty as you have never seen him before – Not only is he half naked, but he is actually having fun!

We all know that in Sherlock Moriarty is no stranger to fun, having taken such great enjoyment out of terrorising the world and systematically bring national security to its knees, but the fun his actor Andrew Scott is pictured having in The Sun newspaper today is harmless!
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Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch hints at Khan return for Star Trek 3!


Following his roaring success of his Star Trek: Into Darkness debut, Benedict Cumberbatch has hinted that he may be returning to the Star Trek trilogy for the third instalment!

Cumberbatch, who is best known for his portrayal of the infamous London detective Sherlock in the globally celebrated BBC detective series of the same name, appeared as new villain on the block, John ‘Khan’ Harrison in the second film in the Start Trek series directed by JJ Abrams last year.
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Line of Duty Episode Five: Keeley Hawes & Mark Bonnar shine in this penultimate instalment

Line of Duty

So who’s guilty then? That’s the question most of us will be asking ourselves after that thrilling penultimate instalment of Line of Duty. Writer Jed Mercurio definitely kept us waiting for the arrest of Mark Dryden, but when it did come the resulting interview was masterfully executed. But, as he has done all series, Mercurio continues to put doubt in our heads with that final shot of Lindsay. It’s unclear how much she knew but suffice to say that Dryden’s arrest is partly to do with her.

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Law and Order UK: Bradley Walsh returns in this mediocre legal crime drama

Law and Order UK Cast

I’ve sporadically watched Law and Order UK since it first aired in 2009. In that time I’ve found it to be a fairly mediocre drama that was never compelling as either a police procedural or a legal saga. It comes to something when the most positive element of a drama is the performance from quiz show host Bradley Walsh but I’ve always found something endearing about his portrayal of DS Ronnie Brooks. In fact it’s all change for Brooks this series as he has yet another new partner in the shape of DS Joe Hawkins.

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Waterloo Road Concludes Tonight as both Gabriella and Christine face the consequences of their actions

Waterloo Road Gabriella

The final part of the current run of Waterloo Road airs tonight and features the climax of both Christine’s drink-driving storyline and Gabriella’s reign of terror at the school.

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Shetland: Douglas Henshall stars as Jimmy Perez in this formulaic crime drama

Douglas Henshall

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of months then you will have noticed the large amount of crime dramas on our screens. From Death in Paradise and Suspects to Line of Duty and DCI Banks all of these programmes differ in style and story but all have police investigations at their heart. This week we have two more crime dramas returning to our screens with Shetland being the first. Shetland first aired as a stand-alone double bill last year but, as these instalments received favourable ratings, a new six part series has been commissioned.

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