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The Missing Episode 2 review: James Nesbitt continues to shine through the twists (Spoilers)

Missing S1ep2

In my review of the first episode of The Missing I wondered if the dual timeline was a narrative device that would be a good idea for the programme. Whilst it did bring up some shocking revelations, at times I found the switching between the 2006 and present day scenes quite disconcerting. But, by the end of tonight’s episode, I was a lot more comfortable with the way in which the present day story referenced incidents that we as an audience are yet to see. Another enjoyable element of tonight’s programme was the introduction of two new characters who added an extra dimension to the drama which left us asking more questions after the end credits had rolled.

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The Fall series 2 premiere: Jamie Dornan wants Paul Spector to get away with murder! & Was series 1 too grisly?

The Fall

While the rest of us couldn’t get enough of the first series of The Fall Allan Cubitt, the man who created it, has admitted that he feels he may have made it a bit too grizzly!

Fans who tuned in to the BBC drama last year would have found themselves glued to their tellyboxes as one of the most uniquely styled thrillers we have ever seen played out. We tuned in to watch both sides of the same story, one from the viewpoint of a Belfast serial killer, and one from the viewpoint of the woman hired to catch him.
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The Passing Bells review: Patrick Gibson & Jack Lowden shine in Tony Jordan’s serviceable war drama

Passing Bells Ep1

So far, the BBC have done admirable job in providing a mixture of content celebrating the centenary of the First World War. From prime time drama The Crimson Field, to a number of hard-hitting documentaries, the BBC has made sure that everyone has been catered for.

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Doctor Who: Michelle Gomez says kissing Peter Capaldi was “hell on earth!”

doctor who missy the doctor j=kiss

Now that the truth about her Doctor Who character is finally out, Michelle Gomez has opened up about filming the series 8 double-part finale of the hit BBC family sci-fi series, including THAT kiss with The Doctor!

Fans who tuned in to watch Dark Water on Saturday night would have seen Missy’s real identity revealed as being that of a regenerated version of The Master, The Doctor’s biggest nemesis in the history of the show.
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Call The Midwife commissioned for series 5 & 2015 Christmas Special

Call the Midwife S3

Call The Midwife fans are getting an early Christmas present, the show has been recommissioned for a fifth series!

It’s not just 8 brand spanking episodes in 2016 we have to look forward to either, we are getting a Christmas Special next year too!
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Downton Abbey Series 5 finale Spoilers: Branson leaving? & a shotgun wedding? (PICTURES)

lady mary, tom branson, DOWNTON_EMBARGOED_UNTIL_12TH_SEPTEMBER_20 (1)

So this Sunday sees the series 5 finale of one of our best loved British drams of all time, Downton Abbey, and the good people over at ITV have released some pictures from the episode to whet our appetites with.

Fans tuning in last night would have seen several stories looking like they were heading towards a conclusion, with one in particular lying very heavy in hearts.
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Benedict Cumberbatch retiring & what he said to Julian Assange!

benedict cumberbatch hamlet

It may have seemed, due to his ridiculously jam-packed work schedule, that Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch was setting himself up for early retirement – but fear not, he has promised he is in the business for the “long haul!”

Ever since the super-talented actor rose to fame playing our favourite TV detective, Sherlock Holmes, in the Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss modern-day twist on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes series, he has been inundated with offers.
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Downton Abbey Series 5, Episode 7 Recap: Lady Edith & Charles Blake make plans as Isabel has step-kid issues!

downton rose atticus

So, it was all go in Downton Abbey last night, as we expected from the series’ penultimate episode, and fans were treated to more twists and turns than the latest ride in Thorpe park.

First of all, and taking centre stage for once in her life, was Lady Edith (Laura Carmichael) who fans will know defiantly packed up and left during last week’s episode, taking her illegitimate daughter, Marigold, with her.
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Downton Abbey Spoilers: Are Bates & Anna headed for jail in series 5 finale? (PCTURES)

downton abbet bates anna jail 1

Those tuning in to Downton Abbey last night would have all shuddered as Anna uttered kiss of death words to her husband Bates, almost sealing their fate before we even saw pictures from the next episode.

Fans of the hit ITV period drama will know that speculation about whether Bates is a killer has been rife ever since it was revealed that Lord Gillingham’s valet, Green, had been murdered on a busy London Street in the last series.
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Casualty: Antony Costa’s fiancée went into labour when he was filming

antony costa casualty

Well, we could tell that Antony Costa was taking his new found acting career seriously, but we had no idea just how seriously as he actually ended up darting between takes on his recent stint in Casualty to assist his fiancée who was giving birth to his daughter.

As we have previously reported Costa, who rose to fame as part of the hugely popular boy band Blue, has been cast in both Casualty and its spin-off hospital drama Holby City playing a patient with serious burns.
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Sherlock Series 4 Spoilers: Steven Moffat to explore Sherlock & Watson’s personal lives!

sherlock benedict cumberbatch martin freeman his last vow

The issue of whether the writers of BBC’s hit detective drama Sherlock should or should not delve further into the private life of the sleuth is one that’s been hotly debated among fans since the show first hit our screens.

And as fans of the show will know, over the years, there has been much speculation about Sherlock’s sexuality, and it’s clear that many viewers are hoping that all the tongue-in-cheek references to, and jokes about, his relationship with sidekick John Watson (Martin Freeman) will one day result in romance between the two friends.

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Downton Abbey Spoilers: Matt Barber says Atticus Aldridge is “nicest man on the planet!”

downton atticus matt abrber

We were all pleased as punch when Lady Rose seemed to meet the perfect gentleman in Downton Abbey a few weeks ago, especially as he seems to be so genuinely lovely – But is it all a front?

Fans of the hit ITV period drama will know how, after learning of her own parents’ divorce, Lady Rose (Lily James) asked her father for permission to find her own husband based on love, not title, to avoid the same unhappy conclusion to her own marriage, which he agreed.
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Benedict Cumberbatch discusses “the most important distinction” between Sherlock & Alan Turing!

benedict cumberbatch graham norton 3

Ever since it was announced that Benedict Cumberbatch was to splay the lead role of Alan Turing in the highly-anticipated World War II film, The Imitation Game, people have been drawing similarities between this role, and his most famous other character, Sherlock Holmes.

Having already seen The Imitation Game, which is due for UK cinema release later this month, we can see some striking resemblances too, but now Cumberbatch himself has come out to point out the differences.
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Downton Abbey Spoilers: Edith is back, Mary gets stood up & its not looking good for Isis! (PICTURES)

downton abbey s5 e7 7

It is hard to imagine how Downton Abbey could possibly top the drama from last week’s episode, but from going by the pictures just released from ITV it looks like they are giving it a pretty good go!

Those who tuned in last week would have seen drama spilling out of the screen as Bates (Brendan Doyle) proved his innocence over the murder of Green to his wife Anna (Joanne Froggatt) which ruled them both off the suspect list.
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Benedict Cumberbatch talks Sherlock sex…with latex! But he’ll miss The Imitation Game premiere

benedict cumberbatch graham norton 4

What is Sherlock like in bed? Well, that’s a question that some fans of the hit BBC detective drama may have pondered from time to time…

And the subject of his sexuality is also up for debate, though we know that many fans have their hearts set on the possibility that our hero, played by the delicious Benedict Cumberbatch, is gay and in love with his partner in crime fighting, John Watson (Martin Freeman).
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