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Our Girl Review: Lacey Turner returns as Molly Dawes in this promising instalment!

Lacey Turner

One of last year’s most pleasant surprises in the world of TV drama was Our Girl; a ninety-minute one-off show starring Eastenders’ Lacey Turner. I didn’t really know what to expect going into Our Girl but felt that Tony Grounds’ piece about a young girl from an underprivileged background training to be an army medic had real heart. Additionally it boasted a fine performance from Turner who played to her strengths as the gobby Molly Dawes who was forced to change her attitude in order to conform to army life. Due to its success both in the ratings and with critics I wasn’t surprised when Our Girl was commissioned for a five-part series. However I did worry that Grounds and his team would struggle to find storylines for Molly now that she had become a fully-qualified army medic.

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Downton Abbey Series 5 review: Baxter’s secret is out, will she keep her job? Will Thomas?

What could her secret be?

So the first episode of the fifth series of Downton has finally arrived, and what a drama-fest to behold!

One of the main topics running through this first episode is the secret that was left hanging over Baxter’s head by Thomas Barrow (Rob James Collier) last series.
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Downton Abbey premiere spoilers: After being caught in bed with a guest, is this the last we have seen of Jimmy?

downton s5 e1 10

The first episode of the new series of Downton Abbey leaves one popular character without a job, or reference by the end of it, surely this isn’t he end for Jimmy Kent?

Jimmy (Ed Speelers) has always been a bit of a ladies man, and knows only too well how to use his charms and dashing looks to get what he wants out of everyone – Even under-butler, Thomas Barrow (Rob James Collier).
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Downton Abbey Series 5 Spoilers: Julian Fellowes discusses Sue Johnston’s “strong” character!

sue johnston

As we have previously reported, former Coronation Street star Sue Johnston is set to join the cast of Downton Abbey when the new series begins this weekend.

Johnston, who left her Corrie role as Gloria Price earlier this year, is set to play the new lady’s maid of The Dowager Countess (Dame Maggie Smith), and according to Rob James Collier, the actor who plays under-butler Thomas Barrow, she is a rather stern character.
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Downton Abbey Series 5 Spoilers: Lily James on Lady Rose’s new, quiet life!

downton abbey christmas 2013

Lady Rose MacClare was a breathe of fresh air when she moved to Downton Abbey to stay with the Grantham family, flapping them into the roaring twenties whether they liked it or not.

In her time on the show, we have seen fall in love with the period drama’s first black character, Jack Ross, as well as saving the royal family from controversy and shame; an act which got her a first dance with the Prince of Wales at her debutante ball.
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Downton Abbey Series 5 Spoilers: Who will Lady Mary pick to be her husband? Julian Ovenden &Tom Cullen spill…


The fourth series of Downton Abbey left us all wondering which of her new suitors Lady Mary would pick to be her husband.

Having had proposals from both Tony Gillingham (Tom Cullen) and Charles Blake (Julian Ovenden) at the end of the last series, it really did seem like the widow was spoilt for choice.
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Downton Abbey so far…. A brief history of show for those wanting to start watching!

downton abbey series 5 title

Having watched the first episode of the new series of Downton Abbey we felt that this series would be an ideal place for those who have never watched the show before to jump in without having to start from the very beginning.

As long as they had a bit of background history, anyway, which is precisely what we intend to give you now!
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New Tricks: Dennis Waterman quits show as he misses “old team”

Actor Dennis Waterman admitted he hit his ex-wife Rula Lenska

Dennis Waterman has quit New Tricks, making the eleventh series his final one.

Waterman, who has been entertaining the British audience for decades, is the only original cast member left in the popular BBC drama and it seems that his reason for leaving is because he is missing all the others!
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Downton Abbey Spoilers: George Clooney gets a snog & Kim Kardashian to join cast?


Following the news earlier this week that Hollywood A-lister, George Clooney, had filmed an episode of Downton Abbey, news has emerged about which actress he got to kiss in the process.

As we have previously reported, Clooney will be joining the elite cast of Downton for their festive Text Santa special later this year.
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Broadchurch Series 2 Spoilers gets rave reviews at ITV Upfronts!


Ever since the end credits of Broadchurch series one, where it was confirmed that a second series would follow, we have all been dying for the show to return.

The main reason for this is that we are super intrigued to find out just how there could possibly be a sequel to a murder which was so shocking, as it was the first of its kind for the sleepy seaside town where it took place.
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Downton Abbey Series 5 Spoilers: Rob James Collier on Barrow’s “traumatic” path & homosexuality (INTERVIEW)

downton abbey christmas 2013 thomas barrow

Throughout the last four series of Downton Abbey, fans have grown to loathe under-butler Thomas Barrow, while most of us harbour a secret soft spot for him as well!

Over the years, we have seen some despicable acts  pulled off by the cunning and calculating servant, some which have left us open-mouthed.
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No one screams for Sherlock’s Martin Freeman & Who is Benedict Cumberbatch taking to London Film Festival?

martin freeman richard iii

Following reports that Sherlock star Martin Freeman has had to cope with adoring fans applauding his every movement during his recent role as Richard III at the West End, the actor has revealed that this was simply not the case!

Freeman, who plays John Watson, Sherlock’s best friend and partner in crime-solving in the hit BBC detective series, has denied that, like The Fonz on Happy Days, his presence was overwhelming. In fact he said that during his very first performance, only a handful of people even clapped!
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Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams to star in Channel 4’s Cyber Bully


Game of Thrones star, Maisie Williams, has signed up to star in a new Channel 4 drama, Cyber Bully.

The young actress, who has played fearless Arya Stark since the start of the hugely popular HBO fantasy series, will play a teenager who gets targeted by an unknown cyber-stalker in the new hard-hitting drama, expected to air next year.
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Former Doctor Who Matt Smith to propose to Lily James!

matt smith lily james

As we reported earlier today, Downton Abbey star, Lily James is hanging up her elite 1920’s Downton dancing shoes when the new series, which starts this Sunday, ends to slip into a role that couldn’t be more different to what we are used to if it tried!

Lily, who has played the deliciously wild Lady Rose since the third series of the hit ITV period drama, has signed up to play a zombie slayer in the new film ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies!
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Downton Abbey: Liam Neeson to join cast? Lily James leaves to play a zombie slayer?

downton abbey series 5 title

Without a doubt Downton Abbey has the most impressive guest list in the country, with famous faces tripping over each other to land themselves a cameo.

Over the years we have seen stars such as Dame Kiri, Shirley MacLaine and Nigel Havers all coming along to play now and then, and the new series, which is due to start this Sunday will see Richard E Grant and Sue Johnston adding their names to the memory books too.
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