Eamonn Holmes in constant agony from “crumbling” hips

TV presenter Eamonn Holmes has revealed to the Sun that despite his chirpy and chipper façade for our telly screens, he’s in constant agony after a genetic “defect” has left him needing a double hip replacement.

And apparently, Eamonn has been delaying the necessary surgery for the last ten years, but now, the pain is so constant and so bad, he has no choice but to finally have his hips replaced.

He said, “I do have to have two hip replacements. I will keep going until they fall off and then I will get them done.”

He added, “I’m aware of the pain every day — it’s debilitating. If you dropped something on the floor now I couldn’t bend down to pick it up.

“I’m not going to get more flexibility as a result of the surgery but it might ease the pain…”

However, while remarking that he’s previously been “too chicken” to have the surgery, the inevitability of it has made him consider his own mortality more than he would like.

He said, “I know I want to be buried with my father in Belfast…

“If my father’s plot is full with my other brothers or whatever, then I want to be buried in the same cemetery as my mum.”

And Eamonn’s even decided on his own epitaph. He said, “I think I want ‘Now he can rest’ or ‘At least now he’s having a sleep’ because I think I have always been a man in a hurry.”

Eamonn is of course married to Ruth Langsford, and the pair regularly present This Morning as guest hosts, but while he revealed that Ruth is like a “twentysomething” parent to their nine year old son Jack, he himself fears he’s become “the old dad at the school gates.”

He said, “Because Ruth had a child later in life, she’s living the life of a twentysomething mum.

“Whereas I think I’m the oldest dad at the school gates…

“She mixes with the whole school community — I don’t really want to be mixing with 30-year-old mums and dads.

“I want to go on and do other things. I want to see the Rio Carnival, the Calgary Stampede, the Northern Lights — but Ruth has no interest in that.”

Aww. Bless.

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.