Eastenders: A bad week for Glenda Mitchell?

by Anna Howell

Everything seems to come back to bite Glenda Mitchell (Glynis Barber)this week, in one huge sitting, it would seem.

Phil (Steve McFadden) is back from visiting Grant, and already far from impressed that Heather (Cheryl Fergison) is living with in his house, he then stumbles across Glenda and Roxy’s (Rita Simons) far from foolproof revenge plan, following Glenda’s confession that she knew it was Phil who stole Roxy’s money.

The pair are trying to take what’s owing to Roxy in bottles of Champagne, but are caught by Phil in the process, so abandon the mission.

Later, they come up with another plan, Glenda has a spare key to Phil’s house, and so the pair let themselves in to the house, and the safe, only to be caught red-handed by phil.

Roxy tells Phil that she knows about him taking her money, which Phil denies and accuses Glenda of stealing the money instead.

Roxy, unsure of who is telling the truth, searches Glenda’s bedroom and discovers a wad of cash, helpfully planted by Masood (Nitin Nagatra) as a favour to Phil.

Roxy packs her mother a suitcase and tells her to leave the square, in her desperation Glenda announces her affair with Phil to everyone. What will Shirley (Linda Henry) do?

In the meantime, Glenda has discovered that Ronnie (Samantha Womak) has not been attending her counselling sessions, and so Ronnie (who does not want Jack to find out) joins forces with her sister and cousin in getting rid of Glenda once and for all, worried that Glenda’s interference might result in the truth about baby James/Tommy being discovered. However, never one to miss a blackmailing opportunity, Glenda tells Ronnie that if she doesn’t let her stay with her, then she will tell Jack about the counsellor, leaving Ronnie no choice but to co-operate.

Phil and Ian (Adam Woodyat) join forces again to make sure Glenda leaves, giving her a ticket to Paris, which she gratefully (yeah Right), but the attempted transaction has been witnessed by Ben (Joshua Pascoe), who then makes it his mission to get to the bottom of all the stories, which he does!