EastEnders: Adam Woodyatt and Danny Dyer in Twitter spat! (PICTURES)


After we revealed yesterday how Danny Dyers feud with EastEnders co-star Terry Alderton was over, it seems he has now started a new one – With Ian Beale!

Before you fetch the popcorn, the feud doesn’t seem to be a real on, as both stars took to social networking site, Twitter, to openly mock one another, whilst posting embarrassing pictures the other in the process.

Dyer was the first to start the ball rolling, posting a picture of Adam from his younger days, along with the caption:

“Bless him. The Woodyatt before his nuts dropped. @AdamWoodyatt”

To which the longest-serving Walford cast member responded by posting a picture of Dyer with, shall we say a slightly different look to what we are used to, along with the caption:

“Who would have thought that @MrDDyer once had hair…”

This prompted Dyer to respond with, what we consider to be the best battle picture and quote of the entire feud, a picture of Adam in his homeless stage of playing Ian Beale, along with the caption:

“Get back behind ya oak tree…….ya dirty sexy hobo ya….”

To which Woodyatt responded with a picture of a very scantily clad Dyer along with the caption:

“I think it’s time @MrDDyer stopped mocking Beale and went to bed before anything else gets revealed…”

To which Dyer responded to with a picture of an old man and two poodles, along with the caption:

“Mañana Master Beale…….Mañana. @AdamWoodyatt Now get back to ya party. Your entourage awaits. 😉 ”

To which Woodyatt seemed to end the feud by threatening Dyer with none other than Dot Branning actress, June Brown, along with the caption:

“Tread carefully tomorrow @MrDDyer or I will unleash the legend that is Dame Brown to stare you down again.”
Well, it is nice to see the two Stirling actors not taking life too seriously, even if they are the weirdest new friendship we have ever see!

EastEnders continues on Monday night at 8pm on BBC1 / BBC1 HD – Watch an interview with Danny Dyer in the clip below: