Eastenders: Alfie asks Kat to try IVF

Alfie is set to shock his estranged wife, Kat, by suggesting they try for another baby using IVF.

The Eastenders pair, who we saw split recently after the ‘death’ of their newborn son, have been spending more time with each other, and a reconciliation does not look out of the question.

It has not been made secret that Alfie (Shane Richie) is infertile, and that baby Tommy, who Kat (Jessie Wallace) gave birth to over Christmas, was the product of a one night stand with Alfie’s cousin Michael (John Shepherd).

However, in episodes to be screened soon, Alfie gets worried about Kat’s warming to Michael, and a bit jealous of the connection they shared as biological parents of the baby, so suggests they try for a baby of their own this time.

As we all know, Tommy is not really dead, but in fact living across the square with Ronnie (Samantha Womack) and Jack (Scot Maslen), having been swapped by Ronnie after the discovery of her own newborn, James, cot death.

The baby swap story line has been said by the BBC to be concluded with the truth being revealed, and the baby being returned to its rightful family by Easter, so the question remains whether Kat will agree to this idea before hand.

If they were to go ahead and succeed with IVF before they find out the truth, how might Michael play that to his advantage? Already planning to go into business with Jack, when all this comes out in the wash, he is going to be as humiliated as anyone, having even shared a flat with his son, unknowingly. Watch this space!

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