EastEnders: Alfie Moon to offer ‘Murder Tours’ to tourists, including visiting Heather Trott’s flat!

by Lynn Connolly

It’s been reported today that Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) is set to capitalize on the grisly history of Albert Square by starting up Murder Tours, which will see the enterprising landlord taking visitors on a tour of the murder hot spots around the Square…

And of course, that includes the scene of Walford’s latest murder, that of Heather Trott (Cheryl Fergison).

Alfie will, according to The Sun, take morbid visitors to the flat where Ben (Joshua Pascoe) of course saw Heather off on her journey to the great KFC in the sky via the medium of smack on the head with a photo frame.

Of the plotline, which will air in October and particularly on Halloween, a show insider said, “The backroom staff had a lot of fun planning this one.”

And there’s a very lot of gruesome There’s Been A Murdherrrr fun to be had around Walford, given how many residents have met an untimely end on the Square, either through foul play, illness or accidents…

Here’s a look at the list of deaths on EastEnders since it began, excluding Heather’s since it was of course so recent…





Reg Cox – murdered: bludgeoned 19/02/85
Hassan Osman – cot death 18 & 20/06/85
Stuart – a six-year-old boy patient Andy O’Brien looked after – died of accidental drug overdose 26/09/85
Andy O’Brien – hit by a lorry 14/08/86
Auntie Irene (Lofty Holloway’s aunt: off screen) – cancer 18/06/87
Tom Clements – heart attack 21/04/88
Lou Beale – natural causes 26/07/88
Trevor Kellow – committed suicide 14/02/89

Den Watts – murdered: gunshot 23/02/89
Donna Ludlow – drug overdose 13/04/89
Benny Bloom (Ethel’s old boyfriend: off screen) 12/09/89
Harry Osborne – ill health 22/02/90
Charlie Cotton (off screen) – lorry accident 09/07/91
Eddie Royle – murdered: stabbed 10 & 12/9/91

Mo Butcher (off screen) – dementia 31/12/92
Gill Fowler – AIDS 25/06/92
Stephanie Watson – run over by Pat Butcher 24/12/92
Pete Beale (off screen) – car accident/murder 09/12/93
Rose Chapman (off screen) – car accident/murder 09/12/93
Joe Wallace – Aids 28/07/94
Debbie Bates – hit by a car 22/06/95
Arthur Fowler – brain haemorrhage 21/05/96

Councillor Clive Dixon – committed suicide 02/10/97
Natasha Butcher – termination due to being diagnosed with spina bifida 27/11/97
Giuseppe Di Marco (off screen) – stroke 26/01/98
Cindy Beale (off screen) – childbirth: pulmonary embolism 05/11/98
Tiffany Mitchell – hit by a car 31/12/98
Saskia Duncan – killed in a fight with Steve Owen 14/02/99
Reenie Branning (off screen) 111/99
Ethel Skinner – euthanasia pact with Dot 07/09/00
Ashley Cotton – killed in motorbike crash 14/06/01
Barbara Owen (off screen) – heart attack 26/07/01
Audrey Trueman – head injury 06/09/01
Jane Williams – cancer 11/01/02
Harry Slater (off screen) – heart attack 04/02/02
Steve Owen – car fire 01/03/02

Angie Watts – (off screen) cirrhosis of the liver 08/04/02
Rosa di Marco (off screen) – heart attack 24/06/02
Tom Banks – house fire 01/11/02
Trevor Morgan – house fire 01/11/02
Jamie Mitchell – hit by a car 25/12/02
Roy Evans – heart attack 17/03/03
Barry Evans – pushed/murdered 01/01/04
Laura Beale – accidental fall 30/04/04
Vivienne Hobbs – placenta abruption 28/06/04
Jack Dalton – murdered: gunshot 18/07/03
Geoff Morton – committed suicide 04/03/04
Mark Fowler (off screen) – HIV-related illness: Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma 13/04/04
Paul Trueman – murdered (off screen) 23/12/04
David Collins – Huntingdon’s disease/pneumonia 03/01/05
Andy Hunter – murdered/pushed off a bridge 18/02/05
Den Watts (second time round) – murdered: bludgeoned 18/02/05

Neil & Sue Miller (off screen) – car accident 18/03/05
Leo Taylor – drug overdose 12/08/05
Nana Moon – aortic aneurysm 16/12/05
Dennis Rickman – murdered: stabbed 30/12/05
Nora Swann (off screen) – pneumonia 16/02/06
Kathy ‘Mitchell’ Sullivan (off screen) – car accident 20/02/06
Danny Moon – murdered: gunshot 31/03/06
Margaret Wilson (off screen) – accidental fall 01/06/06
Cedric Lucas (off screen) – pancreatic cancer 13/10/06
Johnny Allen – heart attack 20/10/06
Evie Brown – breast cancer 07/12/06
Pauline Fowler – murdered: blow to the head 25/12/06

Joe Macer – accidental fall 26/01/07
Jed – coach accident 09/03/07
Stella Crawford – committed suicide 20/07/07
Kevin Wicks – car accident 01/01/08
Frank Butcher (off screen) – cancer 31/03/08
Dr May Wright – house fire: gas explosion 18/06/08
Jase Dyer – murdered: stabbed/beaten up 28/08/08
David (Janine’s husband) – heart attack 19/12/08
Danielle Jones – hit by a car 02/04/09
Tommy Clifford – kidney failure 23/04/09
Trina Johnson – impalement/murdered 03/09/09
Owen Turner – murdered: strangled 26/11/09
Archie Mitchell – murdered: blow to the head 25/12/09

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