EastEnders: Alice Branning will be mugged and Derek blames Tanya! (VIDEO)

In an upcoming episode of EastEnders, poor Alice Branning (Jasmyn Banks) is going to become the victim of a violent mugging, which her dad Derek will blame his sister-in-law Tanya (Jo Joyner) for!

It all begins when Tanya gives Alice a makeover, and, delighted with her new look, she’s soon upset when Derek sees her and angrily tells her he hates her new image.

However, Alice stands up to her dad and tells him it’s tough that he doesn’t like it because she does!

But as soon as Alice has stormed off, Derek tells Tanya that he won’t forgive her for interfering and turning Alice from girl-next-door to sexy minx, threatening as he leaves, “This isn’t over.”

Meanwhile, Alice has gone to the Queen Vic, where she’s flattered as the regulars compliment her on her new look, but when Derek walks in and is again cruel to her, Alice once again storms off…



However, when Alice leaves the pub, she’s being watched, and as the weeping girl fumbles in her bag to find her mobile phone, the mugger strikes, knocking Alice to the ground as he steals her bag.

Luckily, Ray Dixon (Chucky Venn) soon rushes to Alice’s aid and takes the shaken up and injured girl into the pub…

Derek immediately assumes the attack was because of her new look, but a furious Alice says that actually, the mugger most likely spotted her expensive mobile phone which Derek bought her. So she tells him that if anyone’s to blame, he is!

That of course takes the wind out of Derek’s sails, but nonetheless, he’s not about to let Tanya off…

But in tonight’s visit to Albert Square, we’ll see Tanya confessing to her mum Cora (Ann Mitchell) that after a previous row, Derek shoved her against a wall and threatened her. However, unbeknownst to Tanya, Max (Jake Wood) is in the hallway, and livid, he promises to sort his brother Derek out, but Tanya pleads with him to just leave it.

Here’s a clip…

We’ll see the drama of Alice’s mugging next week.

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