Eastenders: Baby George gets burnt whilst being looked after by Jodie!

Next week sees an unfortunate situation arise in Eastenders, after baby George gets hurt whilst in Jodie’s care.

Jodie (Kylie Babbington) – who has continually been left ‘holding the baby’ throughout Darren’s (Charlie Hawkins) new age father routine, following him taking full custody (and advantage of situation) of baby George after his mother’s hospitalisation – finds herself having to watch the tot whilst trying to work at the salon.

Baby George manages to burn himself on a pair of heated curling tongs, and Jodie responds well by calling an ambulance.

Darren is furious, and Heather is obviously concerned and asks for the baby back, to which Darren refuses, saying that he and Jodie can manage.

Jodie responds with a few home truths for Darren, and stands her ground saying she will no longer take all the responsibility, and that George should have both his parents in his life.

Could this be the end of the line for the couple? Darren had better wise up, we all know that Jodie is well out of his league, he wont find a nicer girl than her.

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