EastEnders: Ben Mitchell will confess to Shirley Carter that he murdered Heather!

Fans of EastEnders have been patiently waiting for the moment that Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) learns the horrible truth about the death of her BFF Heather Trott, which is of course that Ben Mitchell murdered her, and his dad Phil and foster brother Jay helped cover up his crime…

Well sports fans, that moment is nigh, and will come in a week of special episodes as of August 13th, which will also see the return of Letitia Dean to the show and her role as Sharon Rickman.

The climax to one of the show’s biggest ever storylines comes when Shirley pays a visit to Denise Fox (Diane Parish) and is horrified to see a photo frame that used to belong to Heather sitting on Denise’s mantelpiece…

Realizing the significance of the frame – namely that it was the murder weapon – Shirley immediately quizzes Denise as to where she got it. When she reveals she bought it from Cora (Ann Mitchell) at the charity shop, Shirley heads over there and is stunned to hear it came from a bag of donated bits and pieces that Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) gave to Cora.

In turn, Jean tells Shirley that the bag of items she gave to Cora originally came from her own house – fans will recall that Ben and Jay (Jamie Borthwick) frantically tried to locate the frame before Jean ordered them out of the pub – which leads Shirley to jump to the conclusion that Phil (Steve McFadden) must’ve killed Heather!

Back at home, a frantic Shirley tells Ben (Joshua Pascoe) about the discovery, and of course, he begins to protest his dad’s innocence…

But his pleas fall on deaf ears, and Shirley tells him that she’s going to the police with the evidence and to tell them that Phil carried out the slaying.

In his desperation to try to talk Shirley out of it, Ben lets slip a detail that only the murder could know, and the horrible realization that Ben killed Heather sinks in, forcing Shirley to make a life changing decision.

Do not miss a moment of that drama every weeknight from Monday, August 13!

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  1. Jess on August 12, 2012 at 7:19 pm

    good! ben needs to be put away cos he is a messed up kid who needs to pay 4 murdering hev!!!

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