Eastenders: Billy Mitchell’s New Girlfriend

billy - eastenders

Billy Mitchell is to get a new love interest on Eastenders this summer but Billy being Billy, something is sure to go wrong.

Bill will meet his new lady friend in Ian’s cafe when he knocks a cup of tea over her and then buys her another. He meets up with her again later in the Vic and she agrees to have a drink with him instead of going out as planned.

A Walford source told The Daily Star: “She seems to take a real shine to Billy. She tells him she is supposed to be going out but would be happy to spend time with him.

”He takes her up on her offer and the two get chatting over a drink or two.”

I wouldn’t hold out much hope for long term happiness in Billy’s case, last week Perry Fenwick who plays the Eastenders cleaner said that Bill is destined to stay a loser on the BBC soap.

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