EastEnders: Charlie Brooks talks Janine’s return and teases Steve John Shepherd’s departure, saying, “I’d like Janine to destroy Michael!” (VIDEO)


Fans of EastEnders will surely know that Walford villain Janine Moon is headed back to the Square, and her return prompts the final storylines for Steve John Shepherd, who plays Janine’s husband Michael…

Steve announced that he was leaving the show earlier this year, but as yet, it hasn’t been revealed exactly how he’ll be written out.

However, when asked for how she’d like to see him leave, Charlie Brooks, who of course plays Janine, said, “I would like Janine to destroy Michael! That’s what I want!”

Charlie returns to EastEnders on Thursday 18 April, and as we reported earlier this week, she’s intent on getting back custody of her baby daughter Scarlett, but Michael is equally as determined that she won’t…

In an interview with Radio Times, Charlie began by explaining what happens when Janine turns up on Michael’s doorstep completely out of the blue.

She said, “Janine turns up at her house and it’s one of those typical duff-duff moments where the door opens and you get a ‘Hello, Michael’ in true EastEnders style.

“Then it continues into the next episode with Janine walking in and seeing Kat, which immediately puts her on the back foot.”


Next, when asked, “Has she returned a changed woman?” Charlie replied, “Well, I really wanted her to come back as a meditating hippy! I would have loved that.

“But no, she’s been to Europe and Brazil and now she’s very much got her head screwed on. She wants her little girl back and she means business.

“She knows she’ll have a fight on her hands, but Janine loves a challenge.”

And when asked if Janine has any aspirations about rekindling her relationship with Michael, Charlie said, “I don’t think she’d ever go back to him…

“As we know, Janine has massive trust issues with men. So I think she has a lot of deep-rooted anger at Michael after the way he treated her.

“She was driven away, she couldn’t cope and she didn’t have his support.”

janine and michael moon

Finally, of what we viewers can expect from Janine over the next few months, Charlie said, “She’s looking to revisit the businesses that she abandoned and get them up and running.

“I love it how somewhere along the line Janine suddenly got a business degree and is making all this work!

“Plus now that she’s not attached in marital terms, you can flit off into different groups and work with different people.

“So she’s developing a relationship with Jasmyn Banks’s character Alice – I think we’re going to be working quite closely together.

“I always enjoy the catfights with Kat as well. But what I’d really like is for Max and Janine to do something together as I think that would work really well.”

As mentioned, we’ll see Janine’s return next week, but for now, here’s a look at tonight’s episode…

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