EastEnders Christmas Day 2013 Spoilers: Has Janine murdered David in a hit and run?! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

david wicks eastenders
We’re about to see a dramatic new plotline emerging in EastEnders after David Wicks (Michael French) blackmails killer Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) but what he doesn’t know is just what lengths Janine will go to save her own neck!

As fans of the show know, Janine has already set poor Alice Branning (Jasmyn Banks) up to take the fall over Michael Moon’s murder, because although Alice did in fact stab Michael, it was Janine who – while Alice was letting the police into the house – inflicted the fatal wound by stabbing him again, this time in the abdomen.

And that’s something that Alice’s brother Joey (David Witts) has been desperate to prove, and it was Joey’s certainty that Janine was to blame for Michael’s death that convinced David to probe the issue further…

As we’ll see in upcoming episodes, David worms his way into Janine’s affections by appealing to her sense of family loyalty, and it’s that chink in her armour that will lead to her confessing the truth – that she did indeed kill Michael.

eastenders janine, david

What she won’t know, until David blackmails her with it that is, is that her step-brother has recorded her confession on his phone, and he tells her that unless she comes up with £250,000, he’ll take the recording to the police.

Desperate to stop him, and to hang on to the cash, Janine will make a drastic plan to kill David…

And in the episode that airs on Christmas Day, after she sends David a text arranging to meet him to hand over the money, the unsuspecting David will leave the festivities at home to go and meet Janine.

However, as he crosses the road, a car comes out of nowhere, and after mowing him down, the driver will speed off!

Will David die of his injuries? And was Janine behind the wheel, or did she pay someone else to do the dirty deed?

Find out on Christmas Day, but for now, here’s a look at the trailer for all the festive drama that’s coming up in Walford…

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