EastEnders Christmas Day Spoilers: Has Janine killed David?! Mick Carter arrives as new landlord of The Vic! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

david, janine eastenders

As Christmas Day dawns in Walford, Janine arrives at the Butchers’ under the pretence of wanting to spend Christmas with the family, but really, she’s after the recording…

Janine soon sneaks upstairs where she rifles through David’s pockets, but realising Janine’s up to something, David follows. The two argue about why David’s blackmailing her, but David plays back her confession, to illustrate what Janine has become and to reiterate what he has on her.

With no options left, Janine calls Billy and tells him the plan to kill David is on. Later, Billy – who’s always been unsure about Janine’s plan – backs out and leaves a desperate Janine on her own.

EastEnders janine

Meanwhile, Bianca’s put out when Nikki arrives looking all glammed up whilst she’s flustered in the kitchen. Nikki offers to help a stressed Bianca, but whilst they’re alone, Nikki tells Bianca that Terry still has and always will have feelings for her, leaving Bianca shaken.

Later, at the dinner table, Nikki accidentally spills gravy on Bianca, and with tensions running high, a food fight ensues. Everyone finds it amusing, apart from Bianca who upset tells Terry and his family to leave. As they leave, Terry blames Nikki while inside, David and Carol unite to comfort their daughter.

When they’re alone later, Carol becomes emotional and tells David she loves him and they passionately kiss. However, they’re interrupted by a text from Janine who says she wants to meet up. David soon goes, which leaves Carol unsettled.

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As he leaves, David stuffs his phone with the recording on it into Tiffany’s coat, and heads out to meet Janine at Butcher’s Joints. However, when he arrives, everywhere is deserted and Janine’s nowhere to be seen…

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But from nowhere, a car accelerates and we see that David is sent crashing to the ground where he lies motionless. Is David dead?!

Meanwhile, Phil reminds Janine that he wants his money by 5pm, otherwise, he’s selling to his other buyer. Later, the Beales arrive at Phil’s for Christmas lunch, but it’s clear no-one wants to play happy families…

mitchells, beales christmas day eastenders

Realising that Peter isn’t going to say anything, Lola blurts out that they’re a couple, leaving everyone stunned. Worried about Phil’s reaction, Lola warns Phil that if he doesn’t accept her and Peter, she’ll leave with Lexi. She’s surprised when Phil is seemingly accepting of their relationship, however, once alone, Phil threatens Ian that he must split the lovebirds up.

Elsewhere, time passes slowly for Janine, and her lies look set to be exposed, but with the pressure mounting and nowhere to run, Janine once again takes matters into her own hands. Will she be caught? Or will she flee Walford before the truth comes out?

In the meantime, Phil informs Janine that her time has run out to buy The Vic, and he calls his other potential buyer, telling him the deal is on if he can get the cash to him quickly. However, little does Phil know that his buyer is already in The Vic!

mick carter eastenders

When Alfie then pops back into The Vic from the street party, he’s alarmed to see a mystery bloke standing there who’s helped himself to a pint, but the mystery man is quick to point out that he’s left the correct money on the side.

Meanwhile, Phil waits in the Square for the buyer, and he’s soon approached by the bloke from the pub and the deal is done – Mick Carter is the new Landlord of The Queen Victoria, but Phil has no idea who he is related to…

carol, david eastenders

Elsewhere, as the Butchers head to the Christmas party in the Square, Tiffany discovers a phone in her pocket. When Carol finds the phone, she listens to the recording and is left in a state of shock, sickened by both Janine and David’s actions. What will Carol do?

Here’s a look at what’s coming up at Christmas…

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