EastEnders Christmas Spoilers: Will Janine murder blackmailer David Wicks on Christmas Day? Charlie Brooks teases plotline! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

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Charlie Brooks is, as fans of EastEnders will know, set to leave the show at the end of this year, and in a Christmas Day cliffhanger, viewers will be left wondering if her character Janine Butcher has done a flit from Walford having murdered David Wicks!

The plotline will begin after Janine – who previously bumped off her husband Barry Evans – confesses to David (Michael French) that she struck the knife blow that killed Michael…

Poor Alice Branning (Jasmyn Banks) is currently languishing in prison having been charged with the killing, but as viewers will know, when Alice went to let the police in on the night of Michael’s murder, the scheming Moon was very much alive, until Janine stabbed him in the guts.

But when Janine confesses the wicked deed to David, she has no idea that he’s recording her admission on his phone, and over Christmas, we’ll see him demand £250,000 from Janine to buy his silence. However, she’s not keen on paying up, nor is she keen on having someone living and breathing with that sort of power over her…

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So as we’ll see on Christmas Day, after David is mown down by a car, he’ll face a fight for life while Janine scarpers.

It hasn’t yet been revealed whether David will live or die, but while talking about the storyline to the Mirror, Charlie began by explaining that David will worm his way into Janine’s confidence by playing on their family connections.

She said, “It’s not very often we get to see Janine’s vulnerable side…

“He’s all the family she has and they have a lot of history from when she was little.”


And of David’s treachery in recording Janine’s shocking confession, Charlie said, “She has no idea he’s recorded it…

“He’s about to leave and she’s so desperate to keep him there, she spurts it out.”

The paper adds, “She texts him to meet on Christmas Day at Butcher’s Joints, but when he goes there, she’s nowhere to be seen.

“A car roars out the darkness and knocks him over, leaving him for dead. Then Janine vanishes…”

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Of how the storyline will play out, Charlie said, “If I could choose, I’d like to see her get away with it…

“But can you get away with murder?”

EastEnders janine

Well, I guess we’ll find out in due course if Janine can or not, but for now, here’s a look at Monday’s episode, when Alice’s brother Joey (David Witts) finally confronts Janine over his suspicion that she’s setting his sister up…

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