EastEnders Comic Relief 2013 Special: Spoilers and preview pics as Bianca Butcher confronts a gang of thugs!


As fans of EastEnders may know, the show’s bosses have been highlighting the issue of youth gangs as part of not only the soap’s main storylines, but also for a special edition of the show for Comic Relief…

Airing on Friday, March 15, we’ll see frantic mum Bianca (Patsy Palmer) searching for her son Liam (James Ford) after she suspects he’s either being bullied by the gang – or that he may even be a part of the gang – who robbed Tamwar Masood (Himesh Patel).

And it doesn’t take her long to locate Liam, but she’s mortified when she sees the gang pushing and shoving her son around as she approaches…

She immediately goes over to pull Liam away, but when the gang leader Kane realises who Bianca is, he turns on the charm, but there’s a sinister air about him and the rest of the gang as Bianca says that she doesn’t want to involve the police, but will if she has to.

Things then take a dark turn, with of the gang telling Bianca to leave, but she tells them she knows they bullied Liam into joining them, and adds that she knows they mugged Tamwar.


As Bianca goes once again to grab Liam, the gang closes around him. Bianca begs Liam to come home with her before it’s too late, but will he do as his mother says, or are his allegiances with the gang?

Find out during the Comic Relief telethon on Friday night, but for now, here’s a look at pictures from the EastEnders Comic Relief special…



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