EastEnders: Danny Dyer wants Carter family to liven up show!

by Anna Howell
mick carter eastenders

mick carter eastenders

The Carter family arrived in EastEnders with a bang last Christmas, and followed it up with some pretty controversial storylines, which is precisely the reason why Danny Dyer joined the cast!

Danny Dyer made headlines when he did what he said he never would and signed up to appear in a soap (even though he had starred in Hollyoaks only a few months before) and right away we knew we were in for a treat.

Playing Mick, the head of the new Carter family who bought the Queen Vic pub last Christmas, Dyer’s character soon came crashing to life as he kidnapped his own daughter from her wedding and helped his son come to terms with his homosexuality.

Now he and the rest of the family; wife Linda (Kellie Bright), daughter Nancy (Maddie Hill), son Johnnie (Sam Strike) and sister Shirley (Linda Henry) and Tina (Luisa Bradhsaw-White), have settled into Walford life nicely – And Dyer has revealed that their presence will continue to liven up the show!

Discussing his reasons for signing up for the soap, which the TV hardman had famously declared he wouldn’t do until he was fat and fifty, in a recent interview with The Mirror newspaper, Dyer admitted he thought the soap was going through a “bit of a mad stage” when he decided to join and that he thought it needed “fresh blood”, adding:

“It needed livening up, let’s be honest!”

EastEnders the carter family

Now his character is a regular fixture and fitting in Albert Square, but Dyer revealed that he still finds it a bit weird to see himself behind the Queen Vic bar, admitting:

“It still freaks me out! I can’t believe I’m in EastEnders.”

It must have felt even stranger for the star when his former drama teacher stopped on set, which Dyer admits threw him somewhat, explaining:

“This has done me! This has completely done me!”

EastEnders continues on Monday night at 8pm on BBC1 / BBC1 HD – Watch an interview with Danny Dyer in the clip below: