Eastenders: Darren Miller to choose between Jodie and baby George!

EastEnders’ Darren Miller will face an agonising decision when he is forced to choose between his son and his fiancee.

The teenage wheeler dealer – who sent shockwaves through Albert Square when he admitted to fathering Heather Trott’s (Cheryl Fergison) baby son George – will be horrified to discover his gorgeous girlfriend Jodie Gold (Kylie Babbington) has accidentally burned the tot with her curling irons.

Charlie G Hawkins – who plays Darren in the BBC One soap – explained: “Darren’s devastated about George’s burns. He blames himself for having to leave his little boy with Jodie while he goes out to work. It makes him wonder whether George would actually be better off with his mum, Heather.

“Darren understands that he needs Heather’s help if he’s to take care of George properly. He realises that he can’t manage on his own. He and Heather come up with a deal where she has George during the day, and Darren looks after him in the evenings. That way, everyone seems to be a winner.”

However, with Jodie realising she and Darren want very different things from life, she makes the decision for the heartbroken teen and calls time on their romance.

Charlie added to Inside Soap magazine: “When Jodie dumps him, Darren doesn’t argue. Deep down, he knows the situation must be really hard for her. They obviously want very different things, but Darren didn’t expect them to split up quite so soon.

“At the end of the day, though, he’s going to put his son first, so he knows it’s the right thing for him and Jodie to end their relationship.”

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