EastEnders: David Essex describes his time on show as “traumatic”!

by Anna Howell


Former EastEnders actor, David Essex, has described his experience working on the hugely popular BBC soap as “Traumatic”!

David, who was one of the original pin ups for teenage girls in the 70’s, first appeared on our EastEnders screens back in 2011 along with his two sons Tyler Moon (Tony Discipline) and Anthony Moon (Matt Lapinskas) to join his eldest son from a previous marriage, Michael (Steve John Shepherd).

The Moon family, who were related to long-standing Walford resident Alfie Moon (Shane Richie), were brought in to the show in a bid to introduce a new generation of Albert Square locals.

The family, however, did not make as big an impression as producers had hoped, and David was the first one to leave the show later that same year, with his character written out with Eddie heading for Spain after causing an uproar within his family, all his boys having turned against each other.

Since Eddie left both Anthony and Tyler have left for a new life on board cruise ships, whilst Michael, who had continually mention his absent father since his departure, was brutally murdered by his wife Janine (Charlie Brooks) last month, so it isn’t a huge surprise that David Essex ruled out a return to the show earlier this year.


However, it would seem that the lack of family to return to is the not only reason, as the singer and actor has revealed to the Huffington Post that working on EastEnders was one of the hardest jobs of his career, explaining:

“EastEnders is fast and furious. I told them I could only do five months, because I was booked to tour, and so they got everything they could.

“I think it’s quite traumatic, it’s like entering a family. If you’ve got a reputation, everybody’s watching you. After a while, they realised I could walk and talk at the same time, so it was okay.

“its long hours. One day was 38 pages of dialogue. If you can do EastEnders, you can do anything.”

EastEnders continues tomorrow night at 7.30pm on BBC 1 / BBC 1 HD – Watch a clip of David in action below: