EastEnders: David Witts says Joey Branning will be devastated when he’s forced to dump Lauren Branning

by Lynn Connolly

As fans of EastEnders will no doubt be aware, Joey and Lauren Branning, who’ve just embarked on a romance, are set to have a car crash this week, and ever the opportunist, Joey’s dad Derek (Jamie Foreman) manages to get something he wants out of the near tragedy!

As we’ll see in the dramatic storyline, Joey and Lauren (Jacqueline Jossa) crash into a shop front on the square, and as it happens after Lauren’s been drinking, quick thinking Derek – who helps pull the couple from the wreckage of the car – says they must tell the police that Joey was driving…

However, there’s a price to pay for Derek’s cooperation with the police, and that is that Joey must end his relationship with Lauren, and more importantly, he must behave like the dutiful son that Derek has always wanted…

Derek warns that if Joey doesn’t do as he’s asked, he’ll tell the police the truth, and Lauren could face a prison sentence.

And while talking to Soaplife about the storyline, David Witts who plays Joey has revealed that having to stop seeing Lauren is going to leave his character devastated, because he truly loves her.

He said, “Joey’s love for Lauren is massive, but not quite as massive as his hatred for Derek. He decides to become the villain and lie that he never loved her.

“He’ll take the flack because that will make it easier for her to move on without him.

“It will be really hard as he has to keep making out to Lauren that he’s not interested. She keeps trying to contact him but he doesn’t return her calls.”

David went on to say that Joey can’t tell Lauren the real reason why he’s ending things with her, because she would confront Derek, and Joey can’t risk that.

He said, “She’s very headstrong and she’d say that she doesn’t care about getting into trouble with the law. It would all end in tears.

“Everyone would find out as Lauren’s the sort of person who’d blurt everything out, and it would cause even more of a mess.

“Joey very much thinks he’s doing the right thing.”

Here’s a reminder of how Joey and Lauren’s romance got under way…

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