Eastenders: Dot Branning has nasty fall down stairs

by Anna Howell

We all knew it was starting to get a bit much for poor Mrs B, what with running the launderette and caring for husband, Jim, full time, and next week sees the results of her over stretching herself.

Whilst rushing to get to her shift at the launderette, Dot (June Brown)suddenly loses her footing at the top of the stairs and falls down, head first.

Jim calls out from the front room, but Dot is unconscious.

Carol (Lyndsey Coulson) and Kat (Jessie Wallace), having visited the launderette and are confused to find it shut and head off to find Heather for an explanation, but Heather doesn’t know anything about it and says that she doesn’t have a set of keys.

Kat and Carol then head off to Dot’s, and after banging on the front door, hear her crying out in pain. They look through the letter box to see her lying on the floor, barely conscious.

In traditional Eastenders style, Yusef happens to be passing and notices a growing crowd outside Dot’s house and manages to gain entry, before tending to Dot while Carol looks after Jim.

Yusef reports that Dot has broken her arm and convinces her to go to hospital. Later, Carol washes up for Dot and tells Jack that they need to make sure Jim is properly looked after from now on.

Later in the week, Dot tries to play down her injury, and gets frustrated with Carol continually fussing over her (poor Carol, it seems no one wants her to look after them) and the pair fall out.

Carol returns later that day with an olive branch in the form of a custard tart and after some sulking, Dot finally admits to Carol that she is struggling to cope. It would seem the logistics of being a full time carer with a broken arm are just too much, so after a heart to heart Dot accepts Carols help but insists on being able to continue the things that she is capable of doing herself.