Eastenders Fans Sign ‘Bring Back Danielle’ Petition

EastEnders ronnie danielle

Last night’s Eastenders saw Danielle Mitchell being hit by Janine’s car and rarely has a soap death been so controversial.

Since the episode aired we have had literally hundreds of comments from fans begging Eastenders bosses to bring Danielle back and many claiming that they will never watch the show again if she really is dead.

The controversy has prompted some viewers to start an online petition to bring back Danielle (Lauren Crace) and already more than 2000 people have put their name to it.

The petition is addressed to Eastenders boss Diederick Santer and reads:

We, the undersigned would like to express our disappointment and regret on hearing the news that you and your co-producers have written out popular character Danielle Jones (played by the talented Lauren Crace) from long-running BBC soap, Eastenders.

In the past few weeks Lauren has garnered a massive online following for her portrayal of troubled teenager Danielle Jones and we, the fans of the show, believe it is a mistake to write out the most pivotal character in possibly the best storyline Eastenders have had for a long time.

Although we realise with great sadness that it may not be possible to change the storyline at such short notice and bring Lauren back, we hope that you will ensure her character’s exit leaves a door open for her return.

If this is not the case then this petition and its signatories will act as testament to Lauren’s popularity and the number of people who were eternally hopeful and eagerly awaiting a happy ending to this long running saga.

So what do you think? Do you want to see Danielle back on the square or are you glad to see the back of the strung out storyline?

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