Eastenders: Jack Branning visits Ronnie in prison!

by Anna Howell

After last nights heartbreaking episode of Eastenders left everyone feeling a bit warm inside, when at the end when Kat and Alfie accepted baby Tommy back, accompanied by ‘Julia’s theme’ (which if it were to be played over the scene with the milkman in the morning would still make me weep like a child), we all thought we could finally breathe a sigh of relief that normal service would soon resume.

However, the aftermath of this terrible situation is left ripping another character’s heart to shreds and with all eyes on the baby, it would seem that poor Jack Branning (Scott Maslen), who is as much a victim as the Moon’s, is left all alone, wifeless, childless and with just his grief for company.

After leaving the cot that Tommy slept in outside the queen Vic, his thoughts turn to the fact that he never actually got to meet his real son, James. Fixating over the picture that was sent to his phone from the hospital, he spirals into a world of despair and solitude.

It is a visit from his sister, Carol (Lyndsey Coulson), who brings him back to reality, and convinces him to go and visit his wife, to try and understand her reasons behind this catastrophic act, in hope that at least his marriage might still be salvaged from this wreckage.

With a glimmer of hope, Jack takes his sisters advice tonight, but his world collapses further when Ronnie (Samantha Womack), completely consumed by her own demons at this point, effectively tells him that their marriage is over and to find someone else and move on.

This story was never going to have a happy ending for all involved, but our hearts are set to be moved more than ever by jack trying to piece together the shards of his life, especially when he, later in the week, begs Alfie (Shane Richie) to have the name on Tommy’s headstone changed.