EastEnders: Jacqueline Jossa says of Lauren Branning “If she doesn’t have Joey, what else has she got?” (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

Cousins Lauren and Joey Branning are of course currently in the midst of an intense romance, but given that they’re actually related, understandably, they aren’t keen to share the news of the relationship…

But as we’ll see in tonight’s episode, when Lauren and Joey (David Witts) have an horrific car crash, Joey’s dad Derek (Jamie Foreman) helps to rescue them from the wrecked motor, and within minutes of freeing them, he’s going to manipulate the accident to his own advantage.

That’s because he now knows they’re lovers, having spotted them kissing in last night’s episode, so he’s set to tell Joey that if he doesn’t ditch Lauren, he’ll tell the police that it was in fact Lauren who was driving, and that she was drunk. This comes after he advises Joey to say that he was driving to save Lauren from being charged with the crime…

So Joey has no choice but to do whatever his dad says, and ever the opportunist, part of Derek’s demands are that Joey has to move in with him and start behaving like a “good son”.

Meanwhile, during an interview with All About Soap, Jacqueline Jossa, who plays Lauren, has revealed that she doesn’t know how her character will cope without Joey. She also hinted that she may return to boozing.

She said, “She’s never really stopped (drinking)! Booze is her comfort blanket. And if she doesn’t have Joey, what else has she got?

“Her family are great, but the only person she wants to talk to is Joey.

“Being with Joey is good for Lauren – she doesn’t get as drunk when she’s around him, and I really dread to think how she’ll be without him now.”

Lauren will be prompted to go on booze binge tonight when her friend Lucy Beale (Hetti Bywater) gets into a brawl with Lauren, telling her she has to choose between being her friend or Joey’s. Here’s a preview clip…

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