EastEnders: Jacqueline Jossa unveils Lauren Branning’s new look, and sneak peek of tonight’s episode

Jacqueline Jossa, who of course plays boozy teen Lauren Branning, has been telling the show’s official website that her character has undergone something of a change in style…

However, it seems Jacqueline still isn’t overly keen on her alter ego’s wardrobe!

She said, “I wouldn’t wear Lauren’s stuff but I like it. When I try to describe my style, it sounds the same, but it’s not.

“Like, sometimes I see something in a shop. And it’s only when I try it on that I’m like… “Oh no! That looks too much like Lauren!”

Of her sense of style in real life, Jacqueline said, “I tend to stick to dark colours – black, grey, brown. Except when I go out…

“In the evening, I’ll wear a red dress. I wear a lot of dark make-up. Dark eye shadows, big eyes, eyelashes.”

And when asked how Lauren’s style has changed since Jacqueline first took on the role – which she took over from Maddie Duggan – Jacqueline said, “At first she was trying to find her way, she was confused. And she didn’t really care…

“Like jeans, check shirts, whatever. Now she’s taking more effort with her hair, make-up, what she wears.”

As to what’s made Lauren change her look, Jacqueline said, “She’s nearly 18 and Whitney’s got a boyfriend and everyone seems to be moving on.

“She’s just staying the same. She still hasn’t got a boyfriend. I think her relationship with Ryan made her think “Right! I’ve got to get my look down!”

And finally, when asked, “Are there any characters whose wardrobe you’d like to steal?” Jacqueline replied, “Yes! Lucy! Her clothes are really nice.

“Basically, Hetti [Bywater] prefers Lauren’s clothes, and I prefer Lucy’s. I have a lot of Lucy’s clothes in my own wardrobe.

“So if there’s something Hetti doesn’t like, I’m like ‘Ahem! I have that!’

“I love Lucy’s shoes as well. She’s got these big black heel ones for her nights out. They’re really cool. And she’s got high heels, which Lauren is just starting to have…”

We’ll get to see Lauren’s look evolving in forthcoming episodes, but for now, here’s a sneak peek from tonight’s episode, when young Liam Butcher (James Forde) takes his responsibility as man of the house very seriously…

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