EastEnders: Jake Wood on Max’s sex drive! And Jo Joyner’s axe wielding moment

As fans of EastEnders will know, the Branning family are on the verge of having a major meltdown, what with Lauren (Jacqueline Jossa) binge drinking and Tanya struggling to cope with the fear of what her forthcoming MRI might show…

And Max – who’s played by Jake Wood – is teetering on the brink of having an affair with Roxy Mitchell (Rita Simons), however, Jake has been telling Soaplife that for once, his character is going to do the right thing and stay faithful to Tanya.

In a separate interview, Jo Joyner has revealed how Tanya ends up having a crazy moment when she kills the family’s sofa! More on that in a moment.

But first, of Max’s storyline, Jake explained that he doesn’t think Max realizes he’s being selfish for wanting to sleep with Tanya.

He said, “Max doesn’t think like that. Sex is a massive part of their attraction and it’s a big part of Max’s drive generally…

“He’s not having sex at home and Roxy is more or less willing to put it on a plate, and for Max – that’s always going to be a struggle.”

And of Roxy and Max’s flirtations, Jake said, “There’s an element of game-playing and I think there comes a point where neither of them know if they are playing a game, or if they are actually interested in one another.”

When asked, “Why is Max so jealous of Tanya’s friendship with Jack?” Jake replied, “Not only are Max and Tanya not having sex, but also they are finding any form of intimacy hard. He can’t even go near her.

“Then he sees Tanya putting her arm around Jack and doing everything that they’re not doing.”

Jake went on to reveal that he and Jo Joyner felt this aspect of the storyline was an important one to highlight.

He said, “This storyline was something that Jo [Joyner – Tanya] felt was important. One of the things that came out in the research she did was the effects that cancer treatment has on your sex life.

“Given that Max and Tanya’s relationship was quite physical, then it would have profound effects.”

And finally, of Max’s worry over what Tanya’s MRI will show, Jake said, “There is huge trepidation over the scan.

“Max and Tanya are powerless on how to move forward and that will only improve if the MRI scan is clear. It could go the other way.

“She could be a dying woman with Max nursing her through. He says he will do that if he has to. If Max can love, if he ever has loved, it’s Tanya.

“He’s committed to her no matter what.”

However, as has already been reported, Tanya will get the all clear, and it will cause her to unleash some of her pent up feelings on the family’s sofa, which, as we’ll see next week, Tanya reckons has been her “prison” while she recovered from her cancer treatment.

Speaking to Inside Soap about how Tanya reacts to hearing the good news that her cancer is gone, Jo explained that the props department first gave her an axe to annihilate the sofa, but she swapped it for a knife so she could “stab” the offending piece of furniture.

She said, “That scene was really bizarre. I was supposed to be attacking the sofa with an axe, but because it was a stage axe it had to be blunted – and I couldn’t do any damage with it.

“Then these three great big props men came in and had a go, and they couldn’t do anything either.

“So I was relieved that it wasn’t just me being feeble!

“In the end we replaced the axe with a Stanley knife and I just went for it. It’s just the point where she makes the decision to move on with her life.”

But of how Max and Tanya’s relationship may come out of this dark time, Jo said, “I do think she and Max are entering a difficult period in their relationship.

“It’ll be interesting to explore what comes next, because it’s going to take them a while to get back into bed, as it were.”

Don’t miss that drama next week.

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