EastEnders: Janine Moon will leave Walford after her marriage breaks down, but will she take baby Scarlett?!

As fans of EastEnders will surely know, actress Charlie Brooks is taking six months off from the show as of August, and until now, there’s been little hint at how her character, Janine Moon, will be temporarily written out…

But according to a report in today’s TV Biz, Janine’s set to leave not only Walford, but also her husband Michael (Steve John Shepherd) and possibly even her baby daughter, Scarlett.

The paper reports that we’ll see Janine leaving Albert Square after “testing Michael’s commitment to her with a suitcase stuffed with £450,000 in cash.”

An EastEnders insider said, “The storyline is action-packed. Janine and Michael have always had huge trust issues…

“And their wedding and the birth of their daughter last month has done nothing to change that.

“Things come to a head when she accuses him of seeing another woman, which he denies.

“She then demands to know why he forced her to rip up their pre-nuptial agreement before their wedding and then she gives him a big test.

“She tells him the case has £450,000 in it and says he has to choose between her and the money.

“She leaves the cash in the kitchen and says if it is still there in the morning she will know he loves her.

“He is seen clutching the money, leaving viewers guessing as to what he will do next…

“The next day the money is still there — but in a massive twist it is Janine who ends up deciding she can’t stay because she feels she is not fit to be a wife or a mother.

“She decides to leave Albert Square and Michael — but the big question is whether she will take baby Scarlett with her.”

Charlie filmed the dramatic final scenes this week which we’ll see when they air in September.

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  1. Jess on August 9, 2012 at 8:21 pm

    i hope michael and scarlett stay coss in recent eps michael has shown to be a good dad and its about time we see good in him, not evilxxx

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