Eastenders: Jessie Wallace will pay £20,000 for her cancelled wedding

by Lisa McGarry

They say your wedding day is the most expensive of your life, well imagine if you had to shell out all that money and still not get married at the end of it!

Poor Jessie Wallace has reportedly been told that she will have to pay the full bill for her wedding, after she cancelled it with only a few hours notice last week.

The Eastenders star had been due to marry fiance Vincent Morse in a lavish ceremony, at a posh hotel but discovered the day before that he had been sending illicit pictures of her and suggesting a threesome to his ex girlfriend Karen Short.

She of course sold the shot to a newspaper and Wallace was too humiliated to go through with the marriage.

She and Vince will now pay half of the bill for their destroyed big day between them.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: “Vince was panicking at the cost. It would have left him with nothing. But Jessie realised the fairest thing is to split it down the middle.”

Jessie decided to go on her honeymoon alone, to escape the glare of the British press during this tumultuous time and insiders say she is trying to put a ‘brave face’ on, to mask her heartache.

The source added: “She is embarrassed to be on honeymoon without a husband but is putting a brave face on things.”

Jessie recently revealed she feels as if she can cope with heartbreak now because she has been through so much in her life.

She explained to OK! magazine: “The way I look at it is that I’ve had so much to put up with. I’ve reached rock bottom. I’ve been at the point where I couldn’t get much lower, so everything else just piles on.

“I can take it now – there’s something in me that’s got a lot stronger.”