EastEnders: June Brown says she wouldn’t like to live near Dot Branning!

by Anna Howell
dot branning eastenders

dot branning eastenders

Her character is one of the most iconic soap characters of all time, but June Brown says she would not like to live near to her alter ego, Dorothy Branning!

June Brown first appeared on our EastEnders screens as the church worshipping busy-body, Dot Cotton (as she was then) back in 1985.
The downtrodden wife of serial cheat, Charlie, and the heartbroken mother of serial criminal, Nick Dot captured the hearts of our nation, in an instant.

Over the years we have seen the desperate housewife turn into the pillar of the Walford community that we all know and love today, but there is one person who says she wouldn’t like to be her neighbour – June Brown, the actress who plays her!

Discussing the differences and similarities between her and Dot on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, due to air tonight on ITV, the actress explained:

“I don’t think I’m like her at all. She used to talk too much and so do I. She has a faith and so have I.

“Apart from that I smoke and she smokes and she thinks that she’s very well dressed… and so do I.”

“I wouldn’t like to live next door to her or anything, not particularly, but if you play a character you have to understand them, otherwise you can’t do it properly.”

On the subject of how soap actors are perceived compared to other actors, Brown continued:

“I think we are considered second-rate actors, I really do think that.

“Gretchen (Franklin who played Ethel Skinner) said to me, ‘We’re not stars, we’re household names. We’re like Persil and Daz’.”

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But far from being ‘just’ a soap actress, Brown has also made several other impacts on the world of entertainment, including appearing in the 2009 stage production of Calendar Girls, during which she was the only member of cast to be completely nude in the show, whilst the other actresses opted for flesh coloured clothes, on which she commented:

“I didn’t have any of that. I’d seen it before and the person was wrapped in a woollen blanket and I thought, ‘That’s awfully boring, I don’t want that’.

“So I said, ‘I’m going to be a knitter in this’. So I made my character into this person who knitted. So I had two squares, one on each needle (to cover her chest) and Sophie, one of my daughters, got me a red velvet knitting bag which was covering the crotch.”

Throughout the interview Brown also went on to discuss her personal life including her marriages, her children and her random friendship with Lady GaGa, who she met whilst they were both appearing on an episode of The graham Norton Show, on which she commented:

“I’ve been invited to a private showing in a nightclub but I couldn’t go because I had to get ready for this.”

Piers Morgan’s Life Stories: June Brown is due to shown tonight (January 3) at 9pm on ITV1 / ITV1 HD.

Watch the moment June Brown met Lady GaGa on The Graham Norton Show in the clip below: