Eastenders: Kat and Alfie Moon get baby Tommy back

At last, fans of Eastenders can stop cringing every time they see the tiny tot Tommy/James, as bosses of the BBC soap have finally filmed the scenes of him being returned to his biological mother.

Tommy was switched with baby James, who had died of cot death,on New Years Eve, by desperate mum Ronnie Branning (Samantha Womack) unbeknown to his grieving parents, Kat (Jessie Wallace) and Alfie (Shane Richie).

After the baby swap story line hit our screens, the BBC received over 6000 complaints, and quickly announced that the storyline, originally due to run till this Christmas, would be drawn to a happy conclusion by Easter. And it would seem that they are keeping to their word, as The Sun have released pictures today of the reunited family.

The pictures suggest that it all comes to a head after Tanya Branning’s (Jo Joyner) attempted wedding to hunky builder Gregg Jessop (Stephan Booth), due to be aired in early April, and include the real parents holding the baby and then outside the hospital whilst he is being checked over.

So it would seem this would be the wrong wedding to be at if your last name is Branning, what with one Branning being exposed as a child snatcher, and the bride ditching the groom for another Branning.

It is still under wraps how the truth comes out, and what the initial reaction is, but the paper has said that whilst they are having Tommy checked, Kat declares that if she ever sees Ronnie again, she will kill her.

We know that Samantha Womack has announced her decision to leave the show, amidst rumours it was in protest of the storyline that she found ‘disgusting’ and faced a tyrant of public abuse because of, so perhaps the Eastenders will do the normal thing this time and phone the police? It seems far too simple, but who knows?

All we do know is that it will be nice to finally draw a line under this controversial and somewhat disturbing storyline, and salvage what is left of a happy ending.