EastEnders: Letitia Dean says “You need old and new blood” in a soap & what’s Sharon’s secret?! (VIDEO)

In last night’s visit to Walford, Letitia Dean made a triumphant return to EastEnders to reprise the role of Sharon Rickman, and it seems that she’s a lady with a big, dark secret! More on that in a moment…

But first, when it was reported that Letitia was returning to the show, there was some criticism from media commentators who claimed that the show’s bosses were revisiting old characters and storylines because they’d “run out” of original ideas for the long running serial drama.

However, in an interview with BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat, Letitia defended the producers’ decision to bring Sharon back, saying, “I think with any sort of ongoing drama like EastEnders you need old blood, new blood, it just needs a balance.

”You know I went and came back, and I know that when me, Ross [Kemp] and Barbara [Windsor] came back it sort of invigorated the show…

“What [Sharon] is doing is bringing back some history and you can’t buy that.

“It takes years to build that up.”

Well, I for one am delighted that Sharon’s back! She’s always been one of my favourite characters. What about you?

But to return to the plotlines that have brought her back to the Square, it seems that Sharon has a dark secret, which was intimated in a scene with her jilted fiancé John (Jessie Birdsall) last night.

He told her, “Don’t you dare walk away from me. I picked you up, I made you…

“You were nothing, you were nobody. Does he know, your friend? Does he know your dirty little secret, eh?”

Sharon furiously replied, “No, and he ain’t gonna!”

So what could this secret be? As we’ll hear in upcoming episodes, after Sharon left Walford last time, she spent four years in the States before returning to the UK, and while speaking to Daybreak viewers, Letitia recently said, “There’s something that comes out later, that’s happened to her in the States…”

Any clues? I’m thinking maybe she became an escort or something, or perhaps committed a crime of some kind? Let me know your theories.

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek from Thursday night’s episode which sees Phil (Steve McFadden) and Sharon in hot pursuit of her son Dennis…

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