Eastenders: Masood Ahmed will tell Jane Beale he loves her

Masood Ahmed will finally tell Jane Beale that he loves her in an upcoming episode of ‘EastEnders’.

Jane has recently split from her husband Ian and Masood is struggling in his relationship with Zainab as they row over money, the restaurant, Syed and her ex-husband Yusef.

Drove to despair, the restaurant owner finally opens up about his true feelings for Jane, however all the while he is making his declaration, Masood is unaware he and Jane are being watched from afar by his love rival Yusef Khan.

Jane (Laurie Brett) – who is married to Walford wimp Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) – feels the same way about Masood and asks him to run away with her, but is left dejected after he tells her they can never be together despite their feelings.

Nitin Ganatra, who plays the lovelorn husband, said: “Masood almost contemplates it. He just tells Jane that he loves her and thinks she’s gorgeous, but he can’t be with her. It’s very sad and romantic. Masood and Zainab have been married for almost 30 years, but he’s had this special attraction to Jane ever since they first met.”

Meanwhile, Zainab (Nina Wadia) – who is the mother of Masood’s three grown-up children – has been having her own doubts about their marriage after her feelings for Yusef (Ace Bhatti) return when she learns he saved her life in a fire in Pakistan.

Nitin added to Inside Soap magazine: “Masood asks Zainab if she chose the right man and she can’t answer, which adds to his insecurities. It sows seeds of doubt. He can’t help but feel as though he is losing his wife, and that she’s falling back in love with Yusef.

“Masood is very worried that Zainab is going to leave him.”

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