EastEnders: Mass Exodus and How Dumb Is Lucas?!

by Lynn Connolly

Eastenders LogoWhat on earth is going on over in Walford? People are leaving left, right and centre, and I want to know why!

And also in this article, I want to take issue with where Lucas buried Owen. Is he as dumb as a box of hair or what?!

But first, I’m beginning to wonder if the new Executive Producer broom, Bryan Kirkwood – who replaces Diederick Santer in the New Year – is the reason why cast members can’t seem to leave fast enough.

There has to be some reason why Larry Lamb, Barbara Windsor, Josie Lawrence, Charlie Clements and now Adam Croasdell have all decided to jump ship, and all at around the same time. It can’t just be coincidence surely?

If Dot goes, I’m going to the nearest hardware shop and buying a hanging rope; that would be a step too far.

So what do you think? Do you have any theories why there’s a mass exodus over in the Square? Let us know if so.

And now, onto the Lucas-killed-Owen storyline and I’d really like to know why, oh why, would he be stupid enough to bury Owen in the Square? Can he really be that daft? Are residents of Walford perhaps not permitted to cross some boundary line that means he couldn’t have gone and buried the body somewhere – pretty much anywhere – else?

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The other pretty major flaw in this whole storyline for me was that all Owen had by way of ‘evidence’ that Lucas had something to do with Trina’s death was the fact that he had her bracelet in his possession. Not exactly the strongest evidence in the world is it?

Can you imagine if Owen, being an ex-con who tried to kill his own daughter, wandered into a police station and said, “You know Trina Thingy? The one who impaled herself on a rake? Well, her husband’s got a bracelet of hers! Whatcha gonna do about it?”

When they’d finished laughing at him, I suspect they’d do him for wasting police time. All five minutes of it before they ejected him from the station.

Let’s just say though that he had done that and that the police were the slightest bit interested that a bereaved – albeit, not very – husband had a piece of his dead wife’s jewellery that he wasn’t supposed to have. If I’d been Lucas, I’d have said that she’d dropped it and before he saw her again, she was brown bread.

And he didn’t want anyone to know because it’d brought comfort to his grieving son to believe his mother had gone to her grave wearing it. End of.

Then there’s the fact that if Owen truly believed Lucas was a murderer, why would he be anywhere alone with him and not notice the fact that he took off his necktie and was winding it around his hands?

Did Owen think that perhaps the tie was doubling as worry beads?

And will Sugar dig up the corpse? And if she doesn’t, what if ever the water or gas people need to dig a big hole, as they’re wont to do? And lo, there’s Lucas’s arch enemy rotting under his dead wife’s tree.

Plus, Albert Square must be the only place in London that doesn’t have CCTV, either council owned or belonging to the many local businesses around there.

It’s a great plotline aside from those fundamental flaws; I’ve loved watching Lucas go from pious but harmless bloke to murderer, but if he’d just given any of his actions over the past few weeks five minutes thought, things would be a lot different, and that’s why this time, I’m finding it hard/impossible to commend EastEnders as I normally do for their strong storylines.

And to get right back to basics, Trina’s bracelet could’ve been gotten rid of in any one of a million ways; chucked in a canal, stuffed in a bin anywhere, burned… anything, but no, Lucas kept it in his son’s model boat!

So I conclude that Lucas has the IQ of a gnat, or Jordan. And surely someone that flagrantly dumb can’t get away with anything for long?

I just hope if Sugar does dig Owen up, she doesn’t start eating him or dragging him round the Square. It’d be uglier than… well, an ugly thing, or Jordan.

What do you think of this storyline? Do you agree with me and think it’s got more holes than a colander or do you think Lucas is hoping for the double-bluff card to play if he’s ever caught? As in, “Would I really be stupid enough to bury him in front of my own house officer?”

Let us know!


Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.