EastEnders Matt Lapinskas teases Anthony Moon exit plot!

by Anna Howell

Matt Lapinskas, who plays Anthony Moon in the hit BBC soap, EastEnders, has revealed the details of his upcoming exit storyline from the show.

Lapinskas joined the cast of EastEnders last year with on-screen brother, Tyler (Tony Discipline) and father, Eddie (David Essex) as part of the dysfunctional family of troubled Michael Moon (Steve John Shepherd).
Since joining the show Anthony Moon has been involved in some hard-hitting storylines, in particular the fixed boxing match between Tyler and a notoriously dirty fighter, which was set up by Michael, who also encouraged Anthony, who was a recovering gambler, to bet against his brother in the fight, to teach his dad a lesson.

And it would seem that it is Anthony’s gambling addiction that sets the scene for his departure, when Lapinskas admits his character will make a “big mistake” when trying to challenge Derek Branning (Jamie Foreman).

Fans of the show will know how Derek’s daughter, Alice (Jasmyn Banks) has taken a shine to Anthony, who has been humouring her for fear of her father and brother, Joey (David Witts).

However, things start to go wrong when Anthony realises that he actually has feelings for Alice, and taking the very misplaced advice of Joey, challenges Derek in order to prove himself.

Speaking to Soaplife, Lapinskas commented: “Joey manipulates Anthony into challenging Derek, which is a big mistake.

“I can’t give too much away, but I can tell you that after going up against Derek, Anthony has no choice but to leave the Square.”

However, reports are that this challenge comes in the form of a poker game, in which Anthony loses everything, including his right to stay in the square, and so bows out graciously (well, fearing for his life is probably a more accurate description).

Lapinskas has already filmed his ‘back-of-a-cab’ EastEnders exit, and the nature of his departure does leave a door open should the show wish to revisit the character of Anthony, again in thefuture, something which Lapinskas, who is currently dating co-star Jacqueline Jossa who plays Lauren Branning in the show, would certainly be happy with!

 EastEnders can be seen Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings on BBC1/BBC1 HD.