Eastenders: Michael Moon gets suspicious of Ronnie Branning and her baby

by Anna Howell

It was only a matter of time before the secret burning Eastenders’ Ronnie from the inside, would start to cause blemishes on the outside, and it would seem that next week may be the beginning of the end, as far as Tommygate is concerned.

Having pushed away everyone close to her, and sending away anyone who might suspect the truth, finally Ronnie herself is the one who lets something slip.

Michael (John Shepherd) and Roxy (Rita Simons) decide to organise a dinner party at the boxing cluband invite Kat (Jessie Wallace), Alfie (Shane Richie), Jack (Scot Malsen) and Ronnie (Samantha Womak) to the event, with the aim of getting Kat and Alfie talking again.

At first, Ronnie refuses to attend, understandable considering the three people’s lives she has ruined will be in attendance. But Jack, who is growing increasingly concerned with his wife’s behaviour, tells her firmly that she of all people should know what Kat and Alfie are going through and he wants her to be there.

The evening is a roaring success ass far as the plan to reunite Kat and Alfie is concerned, as the pair leave together and share a tender kiss.

But towards the end of the night, when Michael finds Ronnie alone in the gym, he asks her why she has such a problem with him. However, Ronnie tells Michael that he can never know the reason why – before rushing out, knowing that she’s said too much.

Later, Jack tells Roxy that Ronnie is not the woman he married – still concerned about her reluctance to leave the flat. Roxy tries to cheer up Ronnie by inviting her to come to Southend for the afternoon, but Ronnie makes an excuse about why she can’t go. Roxy then warns Ronnie that she’ll lose Jack if she carries on like this. As the day continues, Michael confronts Ronnie about what she said last night, but she tries to talk her way out of the situation.

Later still, whilst Jack holds a poker night for the men, Ronnie asks Roxy to watch James while she nips to the Minute Mart for some shopping. However, when she gets to the Minute Mart she walks straight past, leaving her loved ones worried about her location and safety.